This Booger Eating Promo Video Does Not Make Us Want To Buy The BoogerZ App

Typically when a developer releases a promotional video for their application, its objective is to excite the viewer and entice them into purchasing the app. Sort of like watching a kick ass movie trailer … you can’t wait to see the movie upon release.

Recently, the folks at DeLoading released an iPhone game called BoogerZ. This app is a nifty little boogers and snot eating game in which the more tasty boogers you eat, the higher your score.


Now by their own admission, DeLoading warns potential buyers that BoogerZ is not a serious game and will only to appeal to “truly silly people”. Fair enough … we have plenty idiotic selections here on KRAPPS.


boogerz-iphone-5  boogerz-iphone-4

But what gets us is the BoogerZ promo video. Seriously, we’re no sticks in the mud … but damn, one can only take so much of watching people eat their boogers. This video contains nearly 3 minutes of nose picking … folks striking gold … and they chomping away on their nasal discoveries.

Look, we won’t blame you if you bounced without pushing play … hell, we could barely get through the entire presentation … then we threw up a little in our mouth.


  • MegaMeatyVinky

    I would've liked to have seen the actual booger BEFORE they ate' it. Those Frenchies are a silly bunch! And what a nice, cleverly way to get us to buy the app.

    “Yum yum yum! Oh oh! Yum yumyum! Oh Oh!”

  • LOL … true, silly French peeps! 😉