First Grab Bag App Now Available – Will Anyone Buy It? [Mystery App]

With over 275,000 applications available for download, unless you are a big name publisher like EA, Gameloft or Chillingo, it’s tough to get noticed. Developers have attempted all sorts of promotional techniques … price drops – lite/free versions – SwappIt codes … and while these methods can help, it’s still a challenge to get publicity and eventually convert “window shoppers” to buying customers.

Well the folks at DKDesign have come up with an App Store first in terms of marketing their iPhone application. What’s the app DKDesign is selling … we have no clue … and that’s just the way like it.


Mystery App is … is …

Who knows what the hell Mystery App is … that’s pretty much the point of this 99 cent offering. DKDesign is betting on people’s curiosity and appeal to risk. The app’s description teases … almost double-dog-daring you to download the app …


mystery-app-iphone-4  mystery-app-iphone-5

Now kudos to DKDesign for thinking outside the box with their grab bag approach to selling apps … however will this approach work?

Perhaps we’re biased since our site focuses on all the sacks of suck available in the App Store … but promises of “maybe it’s a game”, “maybe it’s a useful app”, “maybe it’s something different” just doesn’t float our boat.

mystery-app-iphone-6  mystery-app-iphone-7


Per the review below, it looks like Luis Gutierrez bit the Mystery App bait. What did Luis get for his 99 pennies? Krapp … a fortune telling application that spits our cheesy sayings. We like Luis … his thinking mirrors ours as we scratch our heads daily and wonder out loud … “I have to question the decision making involved with allowing this app to hit the App Store.”