No Ordinary Fart App, Fartify Turns Farts Into Art!

As previously discussed … Apple has a problem with fart apps. After approving something like 27 million fart apps, they now decided the App Store contains too many of these one gun salutes. So it came as bit of a surprise to the folks at Rabe & Co. that their fart application … Fartify … was approved last week.


But it’s hard to blame Apple for letting Fartify sneak by (pun point +1) as it’s one of the best fart apps ever!

Fartify is NOT one of those tired and boring soundboard apps … rather it’s ART. In New York City, there is a grassroots movement … a street-art project where public signs are slapped with fart bubbles. These folks take their fart art seriously and produce some brilliant pieces.



Inspired by this street-art project, Fartify lets you add fart bubbles to your photos. Simply find the best cheek-flapper … snap a picture (or use images from camera roll) … rotate, enlarge and add a fart bubble … voila – pure gravy pants goodness.

fartify-iphone-3  fartify-iphone-4

There is no limit or boundaries with Fartify … only your creativity and imagination. Pretty much every photograph could benefit from the great brown cloud. Jobs / Gates – Megan Fox – Obama / McCain … all look better with Fartify. And as the trademark goes … there’s an ass for that!





  • Dewed

    LOL The one with Obama and McCain is hilaious.

    The one with the girl … almost looks like that might not be a fart making the smell.

  • you gotta love McCain's expression … the perfect fart-face 🙂

  • liz

    krapps! you rule!!

  • thank you for the kind words! very much appreciated! 🙂