Controversial ‘Jesus Dress Up’ iPhone App Approved By Apple

apple-fail-iphone It is no secret that Apple is a big FAIL when it comes to enforcing a consistent set of rules when approving iPhone applications for sale in its App Store. Many developers feel the app review and approval process is arbitrary and senseless. Hard to argue with these folks when you realize the examples below are actually quite common …

Apple bans the Me So Holy app which allows users to superimpose their faces on images of religious figures like Jesus, Mother Teresa and others. Apple rejected Me So Holy because, “applications must not contain any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content or materials of any kind.” Fair enough – yet somehow BibleThumper … a Christian-bashing app whose purpose is to show “just how ridiculous the Bible and Christianity is” …is considered non-offensive by Apple.

iSlam Muhammad was also pulled from the App Store due to images of the prophet Muhammad (prohibited by Islam) and highlighted disturbing passages from the Qu’ran. Fair enough – yet somehow QuranQuoter … the Muslim-bashing version of BibleThumper is all good with Apple.

And the beacon of consistent randomness at Apple continues to shine as yesterday  JesusDressUp was approved …



Based on his website of the same name, the 99-cent Jesus Dressup iPhone app was released by artist Normal Bob Smith. The app depicts a crucified Jesus, hanging from the cross in his underwear … and lets users to dress Jesus in silly outfits like a red tutu or a Chicago Bulls basketball uniform.

JesusDressUp-iphone-3  JesusDressUp-iphone-4

Smith’s game is no stranger to controversy (he proudly displays nearly 500 pages of hate mails on his site). In 2003, he produced a Jesus Dress Up refrigerator-magnet set which was picked up by trendy retailer Urban Outfitters. After media spotlight and over 250,000 complaints, Urban Outfitters announced they would no longer carry the magnet set. Also as a result of this national controversy, Smith’s web-hosting company shut down the Jesus Dress Up website … which remained offline for several days until a new host was secured.


After major screw-ups like approving the Baby Shaker app, it’s curious that Apple would even go down the path of approving Jesus Dress Up and chancing the integrity of the Apple brand. But entering our third year of writing KRAPPS … guess we can’t say we’re surprised, but still wondering if Apple’s brilliant team of approvers will risk accepting Smith’s Jesus Dress Up counterpart … Dress Up Prophet Muhammad.



  • Dave_Metzener

    I saw this appear a few days ago and wondered why Apple approved this one when they reject just about every other religious app that is submitted.

    This one is pretty offensive, even to atheists.

    Apple really just needs to give up on the whole idea of an Apple Walled Garden. It's clear that they have no control over their reviewers and it would save them a ton of money to just fire the entire review staff and go the way of Android and let apps be submitted without review.

  • Agreed … Apple has really painted themselves into a corner with this

    “approve/deny” policy … they will always have a big target on their back

    and fail more often thean not.

  • Even to some atheists. I'm not offeneded in the least. So, don't speak for every atheist please. thanks.

  • I really want this app! 🙂

    What is disrespectful about dressing up a fictional figure from a really old book?

  • Jay

    at the end of the day if someone wants the app let them have it, it isn't going to hurt anyone by having the option there. if you dont like it then dont download it. simple.

    I do agree it is pointless and looks really uninteresting but why get worked up?

  • Dave_Metzener

    Hey Juan, chill out, no one was speaking for you or any other atheists! It was just a comment and my personal opinion.

    I'm glad to hear that you are not offended.

  • The Jamo

    I'm an atheist, and I'm not offended at all. Truly, if you find something offensive then it's better to sit down and consider the reasons why.

  • Bob

    You weren't speaking for atheists when you said “This one is pretty offensive, even to atheists.”? Hm. Perhaps you should re-read the middle paragraph of your post…

  • Joe

    So — we are buying into the myth that Jesus was blonde?