Doesn’t Work – Made Me Puke

Title: BeerCounter
Category: Entertainment

BeerCounterDesc Introducing the greatest iPhone app of all time => BeerCounter! Yes, with this amazing app you will be able to keep track of the number beers you have consumed! 

But wait … that’s not all. There is a date/time setting which will display the date and time of your binge! And there is a value function – displays the total dollar amount of your gorge! 

To ensure top-notch, user-friendliness … just touch your iPhone’s screen (it’s big enough so even if you are on beer #17 you can continue using BeerCounter) and the next sequential digit will appear.

Everyone will agree, this app is AMAZING – just read actual App Store user reviews:

“I love this app … while my friends have to use paper and pencil to keep track, I just have to tap my iPhone”


“Great app … officer I swear I’ve only had 4 beers! Check my iPhone”


“Doesn’t work … I got this app thinking it would count my glasses of wine, but all it does is count beer … the app lost count and I ended up puking”


“This is an app? Why?”


“The creator of this app should pay people to download it”


“iPhone apps are getting dumber by the day”

And stay tuned … more great apps coming soon from developer Softwaretechnik: sleeping-aid, SheepCounter … for rhythm method users, KidCounter … for the player, GirlfriendCounter … for the Bill Gates wannabe, MoneyCounter … for Wilt Chamberlain wannabe, ShagCounter.