Hip-Hop Meets Bizzaro World

Title: Amulet
Category: Lifestyle

amuleticon This is the first time I came across an app and was absolutely floored by its total stupidity. Even the infamous I Am Rich app had some marketing brilliance. But the Amulet app is something special … zero redeeming qualities. At first, the name struck me as odd. Reading Amulet’s lengthy description, each sentence transported me deeper into Bizzaro World, exactly like the Seinfeld episode. “WTF” – I thought – “is this guy for real?” amulet_lilwayne3 Well, one good thing came out of discovering the Amulet app, I learned that an amulet is an  object that protects a person from trouble … bizzaro! To this day I still cannot determine if Amulet was published as a joke or a serious app, perhaps targeting the hip-hop likes of Lil’ Wayne.

Rather than continuing with my rhetoric, I will leave you the  distinct pleasure of experiencing Bizzaro World and reading Amulet’s absolutely amazing and amusing description. If you can bear the entire read, you will be rewarded by learning how to create your own iPhone neckholder … bizzaro!

Wear your iPhone or iPod touch like jewelery. Use a neckholder and let Amulet display the most splendid adornment. The application comes with a variety of virtual jewels and unusual decoration to express your mood. Keep it diffident or showy but always peculiar. You can configure Amulet to match your clothes even take a photo and adapt the jewelery to fit your personal style. Amulet is the uncommon attention getter for extraordinary occasions.


This first version of Amulet features nearly 20 peaces of jewelery, flowers, animals and insects to be carried around your neck. Gentle colour effects and animations purfle Amulets jewelery. More artwork will be available in further versions including video support and motion sensitivity.


-4 flowers
-7 pieces of jewelery
-7 animals


No neckholder at hand? Here is a little manual to build your own with as much as no effort.


First: Get yourself an ordinary sixpack of water, juice or whatever sorry but beer wont do and cut the handle in two halfs. Carefully tear of one half.
Second: Fold the non sticky part of the handle to stick to the glue strip. Use a puncher to make a hole to put the cord through.
Third: Attach the glue strip to the back of your iPhone. It is best to first clean the iPhone with some glass cleaner to make the strip glue even harder.


We tried it and it works all right.

Amulet Screenshot 1  Amulet Screenshot 2  Amulet Screenshot 3  Amulet Screenshot 4