Appy Newz – The Wind Beneath Our Wings

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We can only take so much KRAPPS. Sometimes we need an escape. Today we take a KRAPPS break … today we look for sunshine in the App Store.

AppyNewzIcon Last Friday, Appy Entertainment released their first iPhone app –
Appy Newz – enabling users to create custom tabloid-style magazine covers as described below:

Step 1: Select an image (typically a face) to customize from either pre-loaded images or from your iPhone’s camera roll. Customize face with choice of 22 Masks, 31 Hair-types and 17 Facial features.
Step 2: Drag customized face into the tabloid cover where you can choose from 42 poses.
Step 3: Choose from 38 tabloid backgrounds or import your own background from images saved to your iPhone’s camera roll.
Step 4: Choose from 35 different objects to include in your tabloid cover.
Step 5: Enter your choice of copy in three text box areas.
Step 6: Preview and save image to app’s Cover Gallery and iPhone’s camera roll.


The entire creation process takes just minutes or if you’re in a panic, simply tap the “Shake It To Make It” button and Appy Newz will spit out a custom cover in 2.37 seconds.

But strange things happen every time we use Appy Newz … the letters Q-C-E-V keep popping into our head. This “QCEV Syndrome” freaked us out, so we consulted Madame Scarabego who revealed QCEV = Quality – Creativity – Entertainment – Value.

AppySleepAwake Sort of like garlic – Appy Newz reeks of quality. From the moment the app is launched, the user is rewarded with phenomenal build and attention to details. The launch screen loads with an eyes shut/sleeping Appy … once the app completes loading, Appy wakes up and opens its eyes. Another example is when you complete your tabloid cover a cheering crowd sound effect plays as if to congratulate you on your new creation. Such details are abundant and well polished throughout the app.

The build is flawless … swiping through customized selections (hair, backgrounds, objects, etc.) is smooth and never stalls. No crashes. The user interface is easy to navigate and very intuitive. Our fave feature is scaling images … WOW … pinch, expand, rotate, move left or right, etc … all image scaling is absolute perfection!

The foundation of Appy Newz is customization … which in turn breeds creativity. This app will exercise the right side of your brain … and not just the snarky brain cells (as their video projects) – but also the kinder, gentler cells.

Mother’s Day – flowers suck, give mom the gift of Appy Newz, printed and framed.
Did you piss her off – Appy Newz to the rescue.

AppyMom  AppySorry

The possibilities with Appy Newz are endless. Take your digital file to CafePress and see what you can create (within reason due to iPhone’s resolution), buttons? a coffee mug?

This one is obvious – Appy Newz will keep you coming back for more … 100% Pure Entertainment. Watch the video to see what we’re talking about.


So considering all of the above and then seeing the $1.99 price tag, you have to think these Appy folks are dumbasses. Heck, we’d charge 2x, 3x, 4x even 5x the $1.99 price. Who knows how long this pricing error will last – but don’t even give it a second thought, just jump on it now. CLICK HERE to purchase Appy Newz. Check their web site for more info.

So in conclusion, we found sunshine in the App Store … they had us at “hello” … we found 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified Appy Newz … the wind beneath our wings.


FREE Appy Newz To KRAPPS Viewers!
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got iPhone? read the Appy Newz review on @KRAPPS – it’s 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified