Recap: Week Of Feb 2

Krapps-Avatar-80-GIF Obviously there are a lot of KRAPPS in the App Store keeping us busy. So naturally … a ton of articles here at KRAPPS. Hard to keep pace with this information highway? We hear ya! Introducing a new column called “Recap” … quick links to the previous week’s articles. Recap will typically run Sundays (yeah we know it’s Tuesday, we just thought of the idea today).

Feb 2: Finding Zen – who knew a flushing toilet could be so soothing
Feb 3: anti-KRAPPS BurnBall – love this iPhone game, find out why
Feb 3: History Was Made, Sort Of – a urine app, enough said
Feb 4: Speechless – featuring a not to be missed video demonstration
Feb 5: Think Different – Apple is so forgetful sometimes, we joggle their memory
Feb 6: The Wacky Ox – got problems? the Ox can help!

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