Recap: Week Of Feb 9

Krapps-Avatar-80-GIF Obviously there are a lot of KRAPPS in the App Store keeping us busy. So naturally, a ton of articles here at KRAPPS. Hard to keep pace with this information highway? We hear ya! For your convenience, quick links to the previous week’s articles. Click here for week of Feb 2 recap.

Feb 9: Simply Disturbing – bouncing Oprah and Steve Jobs heads are cool
Feb 9: BurnBall Contest Results – see all the winning images, first place is a classic
Feb 10: I Want It All – the swiss army knife of bodily function sounds app
Feb 11: Good App Gone Bad – when geeks try marketing
Feb 11: Videos We Digg – a couple of not to be missed videos, hysterical
Feb 12: Section 3.3.12 – developers know this immoral code, do you?
Feb 13: Quick KRAPPS volume 3 – some really freaky and disturbing apps