Recap: Week Of May 18

iphonekrappsV1GIFIn case you missed any of the festivities, quick links to this week’s articles.

May 18: Squishy Guts And Blood – Gross! – if this stuff floats your boat, we have an app for you

May 19: Make A Stripper Smile – There’s An App For That – the iPhone gets street cred

May 19: Apple Gets The Joke Late – Rejects Approved App – Apple is very confused, so are developers

May 20: Apple Wants Sexy But This Is Just Too Weird – iPhone apps keep getting stranger

May 21: Fun With The Apple Profanity Filter – Apple saves children from burning their eyes

May 22: Hot Dog Down A Hallway – does this controversial game contain offensive material?

May 23: Cows, Poop And Fire – Leave It Alone Dad – yes proud parent, your kid’s doo-doo does stink