Official LEGO App Released – Geeks Excited, Have Brickgasms

Most geeks have iPhones … and since KRAPPS is eternally linked to the device, we come in contact with a lot of geeks. These folks are amazing … it’s like they have their own culture … Geek Culture. They wear witty T-Shirts (“rock is dead and paper killed it”), use Moleskine notebooks, read comic books, drink high-end beer, love Pixar movies and are totally into robots, bacon, dinosaurs and zombies. Stick a robot on anything, like toilet paper, geeks will buy it. Bacon bandages … plenty found in a geek’s medicine cabinet. Ever hear of legoTimPeckham Victory Storm King … ask a geek.

One of the biggest geek love affairs are LEGOs. Those colorful interlocking bricks are just about as sexy as Megan Fox to geeks. Invite a geek to your kid’s birthday party, chances are your rug rat ends up with LEGOs. “I’m going to Disneyland!” … won’t hear that from a geek Super Bowl MVP … “I’m going to LEGOLAND!”. Hell, just look at this actual headline from Gizmodo, it reads like geek porn … Gigantic Lego Star Wars Rebel Frigate Is 4 Feet 6 Inches Of Brickgasm (correct, geeks have brickgasms).

So warning – if you’re a geek, sit down now … we have excellent news! LEGO has just released their official iPhone app, LEGO Photo … its free and its awesome [iTunes].


LEGO Photo is simple genius … the KISS design principle (keep it simple, stupid) works perfectly in this app. Load a picture into LEGO Photo, touch a button and the image  magically changes into LEGO form … miniaturized bricks of brilliance. No one can argue that Steve Jobs or President Obama look much sweeter LEGOized.

Steve-Jobs-Original  Steve-Jobs-LEGO

Obama-Original  Obama-LEGO

And let’s not even talk about Megan Fox, geeks everywhere will be having massive brickgasms.

Megan-FOX-Original  Megan-Fox-LEGO

Come to think of it, why pay 99 cents for that Safe Sexting app when really, LEGO Photo is the ultimate in safe sexting. Just look how sex(t)y Vanessa Hudgens looks as a LEGO (another brickgasm, oh no!).

Safe-Sexting-Hudgens-1  Hudgens-LEGO-FINAL

[Special thanks to our bacon-eating, snow-shoveling, wise-ass of the Great White North Tim Peckham for providing today’s “You Complete Me” cartoon. Be sure to visit Tim’s website for more cartoons and information about his three apps … or check out his work as a cartoonist in the Toronto Sun.]


  • Nice! Lego my lego. LOL Awesome app.

  • Nice! Lego my lego. LOL Awesome app.