Official KRAPPS App Is Now Available – Full Of Kraptastic Goodness

KRAPPS-App-Banner So did you get the memo from Gigaom about The App Store Economy … well, it’s really not a memo, more of an article. Anyways, Gigaom reports the App Store contains nearly 135,000 apps available for download made by over 28,000 developers. Yup … ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND apps … simply put, that’s a shitload of applications!

To be honest, we were feeling a bit left out. It’s like everyone and their mother has an app … everyone except for KRAPPS. No app for you KRAPPS … you suck!

Well good news … we may still suck, but at least we now have an app. Our app was made possible by the dude (Arthur Anderson – we call him “Arty” since his name sounds too serious) who developed the “Call Someone A Douche Bag In 17 Different Languages” soundboard app (ADoucheBag) … and the creative geeks from Kneadle Design Studio (same folks who created the KRAPPS logo). So run, don’t walk … and check out 
the official KRAPPS App [iTunes].


Look, we won’t kid you … the KRAPPS App does not contain boobs barely covered with pasties, farts, vomit, poop, shaken babies, bikini girls or other trendy features.
What it does provide are convenient updates to articles and our Twitter stream, including a humorous look into the crazy world of Apple and their whacky, weird, stupid and strange iPhone crap apps … Piss With Your iPhone app, Massacre Puppies app, Weigh Your Poop app, Sexy Girl Happy Finish Massage app and a ton more.


Oh and look, we spent the big bucks and paid for celebrity endorsements …

Dave Castelnuovo (Pocket God developer) says, “The robots are awesome and Megan Fox is super hot! Oh wait, we’re not talking about the Transformers? Umm, yea, the KRAPPS app is cool.”

Craig Robinson (Minipops artist & developer) says, “What the? This KRAPPS garbage get’s approved and my app is rejected?

Todd Bernhard (9,999 Ringtones Uncensored) says, “I like KRAPPS. I was actually gonna name my app 100KRAPPS, but 100sounds seemed more family friendly.”

anonymous (Baby Shaker developer) says, “We hate KRAPPS. FFFUUU. You guys suck!”


Well if the celebrity endorsements didn’t sell you … how about the cool KRAPPS logo icon? Get that beautiful baby on your iPhone and chicks/hunks (depending on your sexual preference) will dig you! And if your still not sold … how about the price? All this kraptastic stuff is FREE – FREE – FREE.

Go be awesome … download the KRAPPS App now. We thank you for your support!


  • Thank You very much for bringing the Krapps to the palm or our hands…….lol.

  • Thank You very much for bringing the Krapps to the palm or our hands…….lol.