New iPhone App Lets You Safely Pee In A Bottle While Driving A Car

iPhone-Pee If you’ve been paying attention to the whacky applications Apple’s been approving, it should come as no surprise the number of urination apps available for sale. Yes, urination apps … apps that simulate male peeing (sorry, no female pee apps yet … all iPhone urination is penis driven at this point). We’ve covered a few ourselves … iPeePee and Drunk Sniper. Positioned as iPhone videogames, the objective of all these apps are pretty much the same … hold the iPhone in your crotch area (yes, like a penis) and aim the urine flow into the toilet by swaying your hips from side-to-side. Virtual peeing with your iPhone … life doesn’t get any better than this.

Rather than publishing yet another boring “piss in a toilet” app, the creative folks at GnaTech decided to think outside the box bathroom … and inside a car. Huh? What? … two words … “road”, “trip” … the iPeeInABottle app.


Fitting the mentality of this app (cheap shot alert), iPeeInABottle takes place inside what appears to be a late 70s American muscle car … Camaro, Mustang or Trans Am (take your pick). Leveraging a point of view shot, iPeeInABottle presents the character behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, with their arm extended and holding a bottle. The character is pissing … his arm is moving … and it’s up to the player to aim the urine into the bottle and avoid pissing all over the car’s interior. Two levels of difficulty are available in iPeeInABottle … Sissy Man and Real Man (once again fitting the mentality of this app).



The duration of each game is similar to that of a race horse pissing … about 2 minutes of non-stop free flow. If the player is able to fill the bottle with urine in the allotted time … they win. However if the bottle remains half empty due to a piss poor performance … they lose.


One thing to note … peeing in a bottle while driving a car in real life sucks. While this may seem obvious, there are still plenty of dumbshits who participate in this practice. As such and similar to Oprah’s “No Phone Zone” campaign to stop texting and driving … KRAPPS is moving forward with the “Hold It” crusade to stop the deadly obsession of taking a leak while operating a moving vehicle. HA!