Turn Your iPhone Into A Frickin’ Laser, Moving Fan, Real Flashlight And More

Holger-Blumler-FINAL First there was the app that turned your iPhone into a portable heater … then into an air blower … and of course the infamous watermelon ripeness detector. But all these useless useful applications pale in comparison to the dynasty of utilities one developer is pumping out … dude’s name is Holger Blumler … and his eccentric company is HMB-TEC

Holger Blumler is an interesting fellow. Picture the freaky scientist Doc Brown from Back To The Future. But instead of tinkering with a DeLorean and the flux capacitor … Holger spends his time messing with the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack. And with assorted external attachments (all available for sale on HMB-TEC’s site), coupled with correct calculations … when the iPhone launches Holger’s apps, you’re going to see some serious shit …

Just like it sounds … stick a propeller in the headphone jack, crank up the iPhone’s volume and boom … revolutionary refreshing air!

Forgive Holger … he’s from Germany and their soccer team is kicking major ass in the World Cup. So being a freak football fan, Holger couldn’t resist an app that waves the German (or any nation) flag from the iPhone accompanied by various obnoxious soccer sounds. Heartbreaking however that Holger didn’t develop a vuvuzela attachment.

Turn your iPhone into a FICKIN’ LASER … enough said … awesome!

LED Flashlight
So some weak sauce developers are using the iPhone 4’s flash as a flashlight app … MEH. Holger is way ahead of those dorks … check out the original, pre-iPhone 4, LED flashlight … complete with a handy, built-in, SOS Morse code distress signal (· · · — — — · · ·). 


And Holger’s madness doesn’t stop with the above … mobile alarm system [YouTube], aromatherapy [YouTube], thermometer, stethoscope, heart monitor, microphone, infrared remote and more. Like we said, dude is building a dynasty of some serious flux capacitor-like shit … bravo Holger, bravo!