Play A Fetus Inside The Uterus With Womb Wizards For iPhone [Creepy]

About a year ago, we featured two of the most bizarre apps we had seen to date … Carl The Dancing Peanut and Raoul The Dancing Pancake. Some really weird shit … and our logical conclusion was that the developers were on drugs.

Well never mind Carl and Raoul – they are so 2009. There’s a new King Of Crackheads in the App Store … Womb Wizards.


Although you would think so … we swear … none of the following information about Womb Wizards is made up. This is one seriously messed up and disturbing app. Hell, it freaks us out just talking about it. Yes, we’re afraid of Womb Wizards … very afraid.

In Womb Wizards, you play the role of an unborn child … yes, a developing FETUS. Your mission is to protect your mother’s womb from attacking wizards. It’s kill or be killed action … all taking place inside a woman’s uterus (lovely).



As you advance through the game, the fetus grows and you play different pregnancy terms by traveling deeper into the womb.


The app’s description is equally bizarre as the gameplay. Basically some pizza delivery guy wakes up to find an app mysteriously installed on his iPhone. The app is called Womb Wizards and it was installed by … you guessed it … a wizard. The wizard told him to publish the game in the App Store as a free app. The developer concedes that he doesn’t know why the wizard wants people to play this game and he’s hoping something cataclysmic isn’t about to happen. You can read the entire drug-induced tale and download this frightening game via the App Store.


Oh and on a final note … you gotta love the name of Womb Wizards’ developer. Just further proof this dude was high on crack when developing the game. Womb Wizard was developed and published by … High High … LMAO, fitting!


  • cammie novara

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  • Large_Meaty_Vinky

    Top notch graphics on this game. Speaking of which, check out the 3rd screenshot on the App Store. It's a naked wizard w/ a tease of cleavage. Spank!

  • are you talking about the blurry wizard shot?

  • WTF? this is ridiculous, abortions are not funny.

  • Large_Meaty_Vinky

    yeah. scary yet slightly arousing (if you squint your eyes and focus)

  • oh yeah … there's the BOOBS!!