Girls With Guns Applications – Then And Now

Back when Apple was cool with selling overtly sexual content, the App Store was filled with all sorts of sexy weaponry iPhone applications. You could download – Hand Grenade Hotties … Girls Guns FartsGirls N Guns … Sexy Swords … and more.

girls-guns-farts-2  girls-guns-videos-1

Well not so much anymore … Apple has opted for a pure, moral and virginal App Store. So if you want to capitalize on the hot chicks holding guns fetish, you have to sell it like the GUNS Wallpapers application …


guns-wallpapers-iphone-3  guns-wallpapers-iphone-4

No plunging necklines … skirt hems at or below the knee … no bikinis or garters … girls in business suits with pulled back hair preferred.

guns-wallpapers-iphone-5  guns-wallpapers-iphone-6

But are those really the “girls with guns” rules? Or just a misleading way of stealing the buyer’s money … show preview screenshots that have NOTHING to do with the app you are selling. According to “dale38”, that’s exactly the bait-and-switch sales technique the GUNS Wallpapers developer is using …


“Misleading” seems to be the new trend with Apple … where app titles, descriptions and screenshots do not represent the actual application for sale. We highlighted these issues with Orgasm Videos, Lesbian Videos and Breast Videos … all applications which sucker buyers with false (sex) hopes. Hopefully Apple will put the kibosh on this unethical practice soon as you would think honesty would be part of Apple’s selling process.


  • JBKsnowman

    I dunno I think the girls who look like they know what they are doing with the guns are WAY sexier