Really Apple? ‘Lesbian Videos’ And ‘Breast Videos’ Approved For Sale

Yet another proud “WTF Moment” from the brainiacs in Cupertino …

If Apple is so against selling overtly sexual applications in the App Store, why on earth would they approve the Lesbian Videos and Breast Videos apps? From their title, to description, to screenshots … these apps represent everything Apple is so dead set against. Bravo Apple … way to keep your business strategy and rulings consistent.

Lesbian Videos
The app starts by grabbing your attention … WARNING – FOR ADULTS ONLY – 17+ … then continues to read like a best seller from Vivid …

Lesbian – sexual and romantic desire between females
HOT Lesbians – Lesbian Lovers – Teen Lesbians
Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads – Multiple Partners – In the Bed, on the Couch



At $1.99, it’s impossible for any penis carrying human to resist such temptation. And bravo to the developers … in just three days after release, the titillating title and arousing description vaulted Lesbian Videos to #4 in the Lifestyle category. As if another “Sex Sells” proof point was needed.

Breast Videos
This one takes us back to the App Store’s glory days … with applications like Epic Boobs, Asian Boobs and Boob Trading Cards (we still cherish our Kim Kardashian rookie boob card – so cute) why even bother with some witty title? Just give ‘em what they want … BOOBIES!

Racks, tits and boobs! It’s time to see some female breasts in BREAST VIDEOS!
HOT WOMEN – Real Breasts – LARGE Breasts – Fake Silicone Breasts – Small Breasts



Oh … just in case you’re not very familiar with boobs … Breast Videos gives a useful educational tidbit about erect nipples (gee thanks) …


And finally, let’s not forget about another fine video collection we featured just last week

Orgasm Videos


Now before you get all hot and bothered by Lesbian Breast Orgasm Videos, please note … Apple seems to have lax standards when it comes to accurate app descriptions. Actually let’s just call a spade a spade … Lesbian Breast Orgasm Videos are 100% MISLEADING (thanks Apple). Don’t believe us … check out horny dude who bought the Lesbian Videos application … the same review can be applied to the other apps as well. OUCH!



  • Dewed

    I was going to say … you can tell Apple relaxed their regulations on apps.

    But the first two didn't show up when I searched. I just wanted to read reviews (yeah that's it lol)

  • Dave_Metzener

    I have to wonder if the reviewer at Apple who was given the app to review simply let it through so that they could get it themselves, then later killed it.

    Apple's policy on such apps are quite clear now. None should ever get past review, yet apps like the ones in this article as well as flashlight and fart apps still seem to be getting into the store.

    I mean really, just how many LED flashlight apps do we really need to have a fair group of apps to chose from. 🙂

  • Hmmm … sounds like only Orgasm Videos remain in the App Store – that was a

    quick ban … another case of an Apple “ooops we approved this app”.

  • Yeah … and what's baffling is that Apple has been approving apps for sale

    since 2008 … you would think by now they could get their shit together …

    not allowing apps that are CLREARLY violating their policies (like the above


  • Man

    But I like Lesbian and Breast Videos. So I won't complain to generate traffic to my blog. Just sayin' …

  • You have a rough job, sir.

  • yes, agreed! quite literally … krappy job! 😉