Previous Overtly Sexual App Returns As Wallpaper App – Hot Mug Shots Wallpaper

Back in the good old days, when Apple approved such crap as “Asian Bikini Fart”, “Epic Boobs” and “Girls In Hand Bras” … there was a certain overtly sexual application catering to rednecks. Simply put, Busted Hot featured mug shots of hot chicks.


Since then, Busted Hot has been removed in the Great App Store Cleanup conducted by Apple in January 2010 … or has it?

Under the guise of an iPhone wallpaper application, Busted Hot has reared its ugly head … Hot Mug Shots Wallpaper.



With Hot Mug Shots Wallpaper it’s basically … same shit, different day. Pictures of women taken from law enforcement databases … packaged into an iPhone application … and sold for profit. Joy!

hot-mug-shots-iphone-3  hot-mug-shots-iphone-4

Not sure what Apple is smoking these days … but if previously banned products can now return as wallpaper, we should shortly see an onslaught of Drunken Girls and Beautiful Boobs WALLPAPER applications.


  • TattoozNTech

    i bought this way back when it was busted hot & was bitter & pissed off… the app was basically never updated & the content sucked ass. fair warning… don't bother, even for the revamped app. i doubt the company is making any better crap than they did before.

  • true … we've heard the same complaints about the previous app … and indeed, one shouldnt expect a crap dev to start turning out gold