iWet T-Shirts Game Makes A Splash On The iPhone

you_suck_bunny_FINAL The iPhone never ceases to amaze us. Dang it’s cool … and if you don’t think so … well – you suck. Seriously, think about this:

Can you turn your Blackberry into a penis? … Uh – NO!
Can your Palm Pre train you to correctly touch a girl’s body? … Uh – NO!
Can you light farts with the Android? … Uh – NO!

See all those proof points … iPhones rule, other Smartphones drool.

So like today – once again, we are amazed. Just when we thought the iPhone couldn’t get any cooler than with yesterday’s Strip Club auto-locate app … BAM! … it does. Two words:


Ok, … now close your eyes – pinch yourself real hard – and open your eyes. Look, you’re not dreaming and we’re not kidding … it’s for real … it’s the iWet T-Shirts app (appropriately released by iWet Media, Inc.).

So with iWet T-Shirts … it’s just you, a hose and all of your wildest drenched dreams. Choose one of four lovely ladies and start spraying away with your adult water gun. Now be careful, don’t get all sloppy silly with your soaking … if your water pressure or aim is off, you will not be rewarded with that see through dripping delight.

iWetTshirts5    iWetTshirts4 

iWetTshirts3    iWetTshirts6  

iWetTshirts_Icon iWet Media is already planning future updates which will include such treats as Beautiful Brunettes, Girls Next Door and Babes In Thongs. Oh, and don’t worry – we read your mind … we already emailed iWet with suggestions for future apps … iMud, iJello and iHot Oil  Wrestling.

Yeah you dirty bastard … how cool is your iPhone now?!?