Recap: Week Of October 12 (plus a frightening MouthOff update)

iphonekrappsV1GIF In case you missed any of the festivities, quick links to this week’s articles.

October 12: “We’re Not On Drugs” – Developer Challenges Our Claims

October 12: Aggressive Butt Flossing – Most Painful Screenshot Ever

October 13: O Canada, Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter! Government Censors Cornhole All-Stars

October 14: iSeducer – An Interactive Diagnostic Tool For Scoring Chicks

October 15: Eco-Friendly Ass Wiping – Blog Action Day 2009

October 16: New App Lets You Give The Finger – Yankees Fans Rejoice

October 17: Once Banished I Am Rich Returns To The iPhone As You Are Rich


Bonus Round:
One of the apps we’ve recently been enjoying is MouthOff … a sound-reactive animated mouth that makes you look freaking funny. Included in the app are 37 original cartoon mouths from 12 top illustrators. MouthOff is fresh, unique and thoroughly entertaining. At
99 cents, MouthOff [iTunes] is a no-brainer and one helluv a deal.


So a few weeks ago, we ran a story about the musical group, Tanya Morgan, using the  MouthOff app in their video “So Damn Down”. The song and video are super cool, while the use of MouthOff throughout the video is brilliantly unique. Click here if you have no clue what we’re talking about … read the article and watch the “So Damn Down” video. 

Recently, ustwo … the developers of MouthOff … contacted us about  MouthOff Hell-oween. We thought MouthOff Hell-oween was some rockin’ costume party for only the sexy people. But no, we were wrong. MouthOff Hell-oween is a free update to the app which will include four new mouths for you to get chatty with, including: a vampire, a zombie, a pumpkin and a frankenstein-looking dude. While not a sexy people party … the update does sound rockin’ and should be available any time as it was submitted to Apple on October 6.


So with these four new Halloween-themed cartoons, MouthOff will now have a total of 41 mouths. And that no-brainer helluv a deal  … it becomes even sweeter. For 99 cents, be sure to check out and have your own sexy people party with MouthOff [iTunes].