Symmetrix Delivers The Obama Alien And Other Oddities

Obama-Alien Someone once described KRAPPS as perfect iPhone chaos, focusing on the outer edges of the App Store. And while we haven’t put much thought into it … yeah, we tend to agree. We’re all about the whacky, weird, stupid and strange … ridiculously odd apps … that, depending on your “taste”, can be highly entertaining (or for that matter, offensive).

So with a keen eye for the unusual, this Obama image that piqued our curiosity.

LMAO … we’d vote for that extraterrestrial for sure! So how was the Obama Alien created? With the revolutionary iPhone, of course … using a new 99¢ app called Symmetrix [iTunes] by Ichigon.


Symmetrix is a photo manipulation app which uses a mirror effect to create hysterical symmetric images. The entire creation process is super easy and extremely quick. Take a look at the Dennis Rodman pictures below … transforming a “normal” Rodman (and in Dennis’ case, we use the term “normal” loosely) into a butt-nose circus freak took just a few seconds by simply adjusting Symmetrix’s tool bar.

rodman1 rodman2 rodman3

Or check out how Symmetrix turns a routine Peyton Manning pass play into a standstill shotgun formation.

peyton1   peyton2

And of course, distorting our favorite celebrity (we love you Steve Jobs) in Symmetrix provided us the most hysterics.

steve-jobs-1 steve-jobs-2 steve-jobs-3

Symmetrix is an extremely polished app. The user interface is intuitive and Ichigon did a great job of paying attention to details. For example, in addition to importing pictures from your Photo Library or taking snapshots from the app’s built-in camera, a direct Google Images link is included so the user does not have to exit Symmetrix to find and import photos from Google Images – very convenient!

beyonce-symmetrix To celebrate the launch of Symmetrix, Ichigon is conducting a 5-week competition, where each week 4 prizes are awarded to the coolest user-submitted Symmetrix image. Weekly prizes include iPopperz headphones and Pogo Sketch iPhone pens … and a Livespeakr iPhone speakers grand prize. Once again, entering the contest is very convenient … images can be submitted from within the app. Check out the Competition Page on Ichigon’s site for complete details.

Symmetrix is a high quality well built unique app … and at 99¢, Symmetrix [iTunes] is a freaking bargain. Plus you know a developer is freaking nuts (in a good way) when they produce a totally odd, yet sexy cool Borat-style promo video … just push play for some bizarro fun and creativity.


Los Angeles Baseball Fans Send Message To Yankees & Phillies With Their iPhones

angry-los-angeles-baseball- With hopes of an all-Los Angeles Major League Baseball World Series crushed by the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees, angry Los Angeleans found solace in their iPhones. Dodgers and Angels fans turned to a virtual Maneki Neko, a popular Japanese sculpture, to express their emotions towards the Phillies and Yankees. While traditionally the Maneki Neko is believed to bring good fortune, these irate baseball enthusiasts found a loophole in the iPhone version created by Vanilla Breeze. Labeled “Reverse Hand Motion”, this feature turns a “too cute” Maneki Neko into a foul-mouthed feline boiling over with bad luck mojo. Tough to blame Dodgers and Angels fans for expressing such strong sentiments … but at least there’s an app for that … Fingering Cat.



Recap: Week Of October 19

iphonekrappsV1GIF In case you missed any of the festivities, quick links to this week’s articles.

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October 20: iDrinkCoaster – Because Everyone Should Have A $300 Drink Coaster

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October 22: Sexy Memory – Better Than Ordinary Memory Match Games [$20 starbucks giveaway]

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October 24: Bratwurst, Drunk Cows And Gluten Free Beer – What’s Not To Love About This App?

Bratwurst, Drunk Cows And Gluten Free Beer – What’s Not To Love About This App?

(written by guest author Connor Coghlan. follow Connor on Twitter @Condawg)

oktoberfest-girl-1 In celebration of Oktoberfest, we take our viewers on a journey … a journey to a wonderful land. Imagine a place filled with endless bratwurst, pork knuckles and racing dachshunds. A place where all you have to do is stand up, open your mouth and it will be filled with delicious nectar, ice-cold beer… no effort required.

Now, imagine being the one responsible for getting the beer into the mouths of others! Doesn’t sound nearly as fun, but stick with me … remember, our journey is to a most wonderful land.

Ale Beershooter gives you that opportunity to visit this glorious land. In this simple game, you attend an Oktoberfest celebration, equipped with a beer turret, as it were.


Party-goers stand up and open their mouths wide open … hippo-like. To shoot beer into their pie-holes successfully, all you have to do is precisely tap their mouths. You are awarded points for a good shot and lose points if you’re not accurate. (Hitting big-breasted women in their rack, for some reason, still loses points. Hmmm, perhaps this is to avoid a wet t-shirt contest from breaking out … after all, there is already an app for that.)


Animals join in on the fun as well. Birds fly by and briefly stop with their mouths open at a chance of receiving your delicious ale. Cows stop what their doing and come down from the mountain tops to partake in getting shit-faced. You get even more points for helping the animals out … sort of like Noah did (Noah was a cool dude).


Plus, there’s a worldwide online score board. The top scores seem absolutely impossible to beat, no lie. I’m not sure how they do it, but it’s a great reason to keep playing.

All in all, Ale Beershooter is a FREE iPhone game [iTunes] … contains beer … is gluten free and cows get drunk. What’s not to love?

Best Use Of Push Notification Technology

iphone-push-notification Push Notification is a mobile service created by Apple that forwards (pushes) notifications of third party applications to your iPhone. Notifications may include sounds, text alerts or updates to icon badges. In a nutshell, push notifications rock! You can download a variety of push-enabled apps and receive real-time news alerts, sports scores, stock alerts, weather, email, Twitter … even the Facebook application will soon offer push notifications.

But all these examples of push-enabled apps pale in comparison to what we feel is the best use of push notification technology … Whoopie Cushion 2.0 With Push Notifications.


Although we vowed to put a moratorium on overplayed fart apps, we simply could not resist the temptation and possibilities of push farting. And as an added bonus, Whoopie Cushion 2.0 also allows peer to peer farting via Bluetooth.

With all this high tech tooting, we’re still debating the most entertaining feature of Whoopie Cushion 2.0. Is it the push farting possibilities? The peer to peer Bluetooth butt burps? Or is it sending the awesome “I Would Like To Connect With Your Device For Farting Via Push Notifications” email to family, friends, co-workers or even a Youth Minister at Trinity Lutheran Church named RJ Grunewald, who just happens to be the developer of Whoopie Cushion 2.0. Where was this guy when we were young and needed a Youth Minister … too cool!

Whoopie Cushion 2.0 2

Sexy Memory – Better Than Ordinary Memory Match Games [$20 starbucks giveaway]

($20 starbucks gift card giveaway – see end of article for details)

balloon-boy-tshirt With nearly 100,000 applications in the App Store, what’s a developer got to do to get noticed by the buying public? Besides orchestrating a publicity stunt by pretending your app is stuck in a runaway balloon (bracing for the onslaught of Balloon Boy apps), you could try releasing a copy-cat of a previously banished app. The $1,000 “I Am Rich” app is now available from a different developer as “You Are Rich” (only $100 this time). One popular technique is to submit your app to Apple with searchable keywords of top-selling apps (defined as “keyword whoring” – we just made that up). For example, search “Pocket God” in iTunes and results other than the Pocket God app are riding the coattails of Pocket God’s success. Another method is incorporating trendy features into the app … make it fart or barf, include zombies and of course … make it sexy.

It’s been well documented on KRAPPS that sex sells. Just search keyword “sexy” in iTunes and you’ll see hundreds of sexy results … Sexy Alarm Clock, Sexy Sudoku, Sexy Flashlight, Sexy Alphabet, Sexy Bikini Farts, even Sexy Senior Citizens. The sheer number of sexy apps is mind-boggling … but then again, it makes dollars and cents … sex sells.

sexy-memory-170x170 For the most part, sexy apps are weak. Nothing against hot chicks, but when an app features a professional voice model who simply recites the ABC’s in an erotic and sexual manner … well, that’s just lame. So how about the app Sexy Memory [iTunes] from Giant Mobile? Is this traditional memory match game, with the trendy “sexy” descriptor, a sack of suck? Inquiring minds want to know (they told us), so we put our crackpot staff to the task.

Let’s get straight to the point … is Sexy Memory sexy? Well if you think matching gorgeous world-class models from J. Stephen Hicks’ Digital Desire is sexy, then the answer is a resounding “YES”!

Sexy Memory went the whole nine yards and partnered with Digital Desire to present 15 lovely young ladies for your memory matching desires. Unlike some apps, there are no dark alley, copyright rip-off infringements going on with Sexy Memory.


What’s cool about Sexy Memory and increases repeated gameplay are the rewards. Users can earn from 1 to 3 points for every puzzle solved depending on difficulty levels based on decreasing time limits. For every five points earned, you’ll be awarded a trophy … high-quality wallpaper of a Digital Desire girl, stored in the app’s Trophy Room and can be used on your iPhone. The Trophy Room can display up to 99 wallpapers, thus effectively satisfying even the most mensa Sexy Memory player.

Sexy-Memory-Screen-1 Sexy-Memory-Screen-2 Sexy-Memory-Screen-3

From a techie geeky point of view, Sexy Memory is built (coded) superb. The app is responsive, in-game sounds are slick, the UI is outstanding and after 178 hours of testing, we experienced no sexy crashes. For 99 cents and assuming you appreciate an adult twist designed to sharpen your short-term and sensory memory skills, Sexy Memory [iTunes] is a sexy steal of a deal.

star-wars-starbucks-SMALL Of course no sexy article would be complete without a sexy giveaway. We’re giving away coffee in form of a $20 sexy Starbucks gift card. Leave a comment below (it doesn’t have to be sexy) by Sun, Oct. 25, 11:59pm PST and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win the $20 gift card. Why a coffee giveaway? – because we received a memo that said coffee is sexy. Why Starbucks? – because “Sexy Starbucks” sounds cool, it’s got that whole “S” thing going on.

David Hasselhoff Conquers The iPhone, Gives Hoffalicious Advice

ghandi apple think different “Larger Than Life” is a phrase used to describe a legendary individual … when the persona surpasses the person. For example, many claim Winston Churchill was larger than life … his deeds, character and history are far greater than his humble human being. Leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, The Pope, is also considered by most as larger than life. Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color line and became the first African-American MLB baseball player of the modern era … yeah, that’s a pretty big deal and larger than life. Ghandi … him too, larger than life.

Now you may disagree with our larger than life examples above, but there is one individual who demonstrates such worldwide impact, fame and accomplishments … that there is no arguing with this person’s larger than life persona. Joining the legendary ranks of The Pope, Churchill, Jackie Robinson and Ghandi … and let’s be honest, this person is LARGER than larger than life … David Hasselhoff, aka The Hoff or A God Among Men.


And how can you question this “LARGER than larger than life” claim? The Hoff is a TV star (Knight Rider, Baywatch, America’s Got Talent, etc.), a movie star (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Dodgeball, etc.), a Broadway star, a singing star, a music video star, an Internet star … hell, dude has his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Pope-shmope. No one if larger than David Hasselhoff.

So now that you understand the universal magnitude of The Hoff, try to grab a hold of this … David Hasselhoff launched his very own iPhone app … Ask The Hoff [iTunes].


Ask_The_Hoff_Screen1_LARGE   Ask_The_Hoff_Screen2_LARGE

Created by the UK-based mobile development agency Never Odd Or Even, Ask The Hoff is a godsend to mankind. Ask a question, shake your iPhone and an animated version of The Hoff replies with a response … recorded by the man himself, David Hasselhoff. The app gives iPhone owners the chance to receive spiritual guidance from everyone’s favorite bouffant haired Trans Am driving lifeguard. And since you can’t put a price on the LARGER than larger than life David Hasselhoff … the 99¢ price tag is highway robbery for this revolutionary app that will change the world.

Don’t Hassel The Hoff! (additional insights into The Hoff app)
David-Hasselhoff-27A08 Unlike many celebrity-based apps which lift soundtracks from film and TV without permission, the material contained in Ask The Hoff is 100% David Hasselhoff and recorded exclusively by him for this app. The app’s angelic-like introduction is by a gospel choir in Dallas. And get this, even Steve Jobs doesn’t Hassel The Hoff. Apple rejected the app because they felt it ridiculed and defamed David Hasselhoff. But when presented documentation that the app was made in conjunction with The Hoff, Apple quickly approved Ask The Hoff within 24 hours or re-submittal. Now that is Hoffalicious!

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