Pocket Labeler – Retro Label Maker And Safe Sexting App Alternative

Remember our friend Mike from More Blu Sky? The dude who has issues? Mike spent months hand cutting over 500 letters, numbers and punctuation out of magazines for his Ransom Letters app …the application which lets you caption photos in ransom note-style. The end result of Mike’s crazy attention to detail is an awesome app and although he calls himself a perfectionist … we think he’s a talented freak who develops fantastic products.

Mike recently published a new offering called Pocket Labeler [iTunes $0.99] and true to his nut job … errr … perfectionist ways, it does not disappoint.

pocket labeler title

dynamo-label-maker Pocket Labeler was inspired by those old–school label makers … squeeze the handle to form the letters and it spits out plastic sticky label thingies. Since Mike is a lunatic perfectionist, he labels everything in his life … CD collection, storage boxes, cooking spices, his cars, children, etc. Having this affinity to sticky labels, publishing Pocket Labeler was a natural for Mike.

Although Pocket Labeler is a simple concept, the app is executed to perfection (coming from Mike, no surprise) and totally easy to use … choose a picture to label – type in your text – apply label, choose from 8 color options – pinch and twist label to obtain desired size and position … then from within the app, you can either save the labeled image to your camera roll, upload to Facebook, Flickr or send via email.

pocket-labeler-jesse-james  pocket-labeler-pegasus

PL-Doodle-Jumper  PL-Doodle-Jump

Besides the obvious entertainment value of Pocket Labeler, the app has numerous practical uses as well …. timestamp pictures – scrapbooking – add date, location and other notes – accident reporting … hell, it can even replace the Safe Sexting app we featured.


So look … obviously Mike has some problems, but his “freak” is our “gain”. At 99 cents, Pocket Labeler [iTunes] is a steal. It provides entertainment, boatloads fun and has many practical uses. Make Mike happy – buy his app … and hopefully Mike will use the proceeds towards his therapy bill … because seriously, labeling your kids is just plain weird.


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