Action Sex Positions – A Guide For Having Sex While Driving A Motorcycle & More

We’ve been over this before … the App Store is getting saturated with hundreds of sex positions applications. With selections like Mythical Sex Positions, Lesbian Kama Sutra and Sex During Pregnancy … there’s a sex position application to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and then some. Are you a circus acrobat or gymnast – check out eXtreme Sex Positions. Frequently confused during threesome sex – let 69 Positions be your threeway guide.

But unfortunately there is a severe flaw with every sex position app available for download …they all involve sex in the bedroom. With today’s active, busy and on-the-go lifestyles, no one has time for bedroom sex … not to mention mattress moves are boring. Give the people what they really need … it’s all about efficiency – multi-tasking when making love. Like having sex while flying a helicopter … efficient and not boring at all.

If this sexual philosophy sounds all good, you’ll be thrilled to know that Apple has just approved Action Sex Positions


Action Sex Positions is the only application available which gives detailed instructions for having sex in a flying helicopter, on a moving racing boat or while driving a motorcycle.

.action-sex-positions-1  action-sex-positions-2

Each position is presented with the selected vehicle in full animation and includes realistic sound effects. The swooshing of helicopter blades or the revving of motorcycle engines makes Action Sex Positions an engaging interactive experience.

action-sex-positions-3  action-sex-positions-4

Also included is an explicit  step-by-step guide for accomplishing each “action position” and its male and female “benefits” … mattress moves be gone!

But some words of advice, which can save a life …. maybe even your own … take Oprah’s No Phone Zone pledge:

I pledge to make my action sex a No Phone Zone activity.
Beginning right now, I will not text or use my phone while I am driving and having sex.
If I need to use my phone, I will pull out and pull over to a secure location.


  • Hilarious. Thanks 🙂

  • And thank you for visiting our crazy corner of the Internet 🙂

  • Hilarious. Thanks 🙂

  • And thank you for visiting our crazy corner of the Internet 🙂