Milk A Cow With Your iPhone – Sure, Why Not? [Video]

Steve Jobs repeatedly positions the iPhone as “revolutionary” and indeed, there’s a lot of interesting stuff you can do with it … you can polish a turdmake a dog singdetermine the quality of boobs and watermeloneven move a stack of pistachios.

So it should come as no surprise, you can now milk a cow with this revolutionary iDevice. Ok, maybe it’s not a real cow … but just asked any of those peeps who downloaded one of the bajillion different girlfriend apps … a virtual cow is better than no cow at all!



In Milk Monica, the user is challenged to stroke Monica’s udder up and down. The objective is to fill a glass with milk as quickly as possible … so the faster you stroke, the lower your time (and higher your score). A fascinating game to say the least.


We played Milk Monica for a total of 73 seconds and failed to break 17 seconds (15 seconds will get you posted in the Top 10 online leaderboard) in any of our gaming sessions … ARGH! However we did find something quite soothing about staring at a cow’s ass, as a fly buzzes by, while we stroke udder … very zen-like for us city folks.


  • Dewed

    Ohhh … so that was milk on Monica's blue dress then?

    It all makes sense now.

  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwww … LMAO