Frank The Hot Dog, Proof Developers Shouldn’t Work While On Drugs [Video]

Apparently the folks at CarrotCorp didn’t get the memo that it’s not exactly a good idea to work while high on drugs. If you choose to partake in crack, cannabis, meth or whatever mind-altering substance of choice … you end up developing iPhone apps like CarrotCorp’s Frank The Hot Dog.


Frank The Hot Dog is a talking wiener … hahaha? You can put ketchup or mustard on Frank, eat him … and that’s pretty much it.

frank-hot-dog-iphone-2  frank-hot-dog-iphone-3

The app costs 99 cents and is supported by ads … huh? Well actually sometimes the app is supported by ads … and sometimes it’s not (see photos one inch above). In those instances when the app feels like displaying an ad, it’s all very random. Sometimes across the top of the screen (sort of) – sometimes through the middle. It’s like a crapshoot of ads.

frank-hot-dog-iphone-4  frank-hot-dog-iphone-5

User reviews have described Frank The Hot Dog as “Beyond Brainless”, “Stupid” and a “Sad Waste Of Electrons”. After checking out the demo video below, we think these reviews are way too kind (then again, we are completely sober at the moment).


Our Mind Is In The Gutter After Viewing ‘A French Hot Dog’ App [Video]

It all started out so innocently … we came across the free A French Hot Dog [iTunes] iPhone app and were intrigued by its epicurean significance.



The French hot dog goes like this … a piece of bread (like a baguette) is hollowed out. A hot dog / sausage is inserted into the cavity and topped with ketchup, mustard or even cheese. It’s a very popular street food in France and many other European countries.


So A French Hot Dog app is a tribute to this delicacy. It contains images and facts about the French hot dog, as well as an interactive “experience” where the user strokes the hot dog up and down, up and down.

Just check out the demo video we created … hopefully we’re not the only ones whose mind ended up in the gutter.



Apple Slams Adobe Yet Again, Approves Perverted ‘Adobe Flasher’ App

We Don’t Spend A Lot Of Energy On Old Technology

flash-apple-kill Those are Steve Jobs’ famous words from earlier this year when discussing Adobe Flash with The Wall Street Journal. He went on to compare Flash to other dead technologies like Floppies, Firewire and the CD. Jobs even went further, issuing a 1,685-word statement … “Thoughts on Flash”. If you feel inclined, you can read the entire bad-mouthing release on Apple’s website … but in a nutshell … Jobs thinks Adobe Flash is a giant sack of suck.

Given the recent Apple vs Adobe Flash pissing match, it should come as no surprise that an iPhone game mocking Adobe was cool with Apple. Or should it? Seems like a cheap shot that Apple would approve Adobe Flasher



And per the app’s description, translated from original Engrish text (and btw, who freaking knows why the app icon says “free” yet sells for 99 cents – silly developers) …

One hot lady was walking down the lonely street at midnight.
Mr. Adobe ambushed (her) in the dark.
He jump out suddenly and open his coat, all his body is shown.
The lady was horrified by the assault and ran to the police.


LOL … see what they did there? Apple could have requested the developer change the game’s name from “Adobe Flasher” to say something more generic like “Windows The Flasher” … but what fun would that be leaving out the subtle barb at Adobe?


Adobe Flasher … just another “FFFFUUUU” from Apple to Adobe.

Make Custom Songs With Songatron App From ‘iPhone Antenna Song’ Guy [Video]

Remember the guy who wrote “The iPhone 4 Antenna Song” … the same song which Apple featured at the start of their iPhone 4 Antennagate press conference back in July. Yeah … dude’s name is Jonathan Mann and he also wrote epic songs about Steve Wozniak (That’s Just Woz) and the Pocket God app (The Pocket God Update Song). Actually Mann is kinda insane … he’s got this thing going on where he writes a brand new song every freaking day … but hell, who are we to judge.

So besides writing songs 24/7, Mann has figured out how to squeeze 32 hours into one day. You’d think dude would sleep those extra 8 hours, but no … Mann continued to be a work mule and as a result, recently released the Songatron – Musical Mad Libs app [iTunes $0.99 and Free Lite version].


songatron-iphone-2  songatron-iphone-3

Songatron is a universal app (works equally great on both iPhone and iPad) and right up our alley … funny, unique and at times … weird. The app basically offers custom songs created by the user. Songatron is like Musical Mad Libs … the app inserts a word you record/say into a song resulting in what can be some hysterical stuff.

Check out this “HORNY” Songatron clip …

Check this out on Chirbit


Check this out on Chirbit

Sound effects work too – of course there is a “FART” song …

Check this out on Chirbit

?!? …

Check this out on Chirbit

Overall Songatron is a well polished, high quality app that will keep you entertained forever! The 99 cent version [iTunes] contains 13 pre-recorded songs with 5 new songs per month promised in future updates … the FREE version [iTunes] contains 2, so check it out and upgrade to the full version asap. Plus you can share you creations via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

songatron-iphone-4  songatron-iphone-5

Oh … and this should come as no surprise … Mann wrote a song about his Songatron app! Be sure to check out the highly entertaining music video below.

Recap Week Of December 20

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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December 22: Steve Jobs Is A Jew In Jew Booth App

December 23: Tickle The Baby App – Cute Or Creepy?

December 24: Got Cats? Check Out iPad Game For Cats … Not For Humans!

December 25: Christmas Greetings From KRAPPS & Steve Jobs [Video]

Christmas Greetings From KRAPPS & Steve Jobs [Video]


From all of us here at KRAPPS, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Of course, no Christmas greeting would be complete without a Steve Jobs version of ElfYourself … and yes, there’s an app for that! Check out Steve making an elf out of himself in the Super Dance Elf Christmas iPhone app … quite disturbing if you ask us!

Got Cats? Check Out iPad Game For Cats … Not For Humans!

Apparently the folks at Hiccup, LLC have decided that 300,000+ iPhone applications available for download are enough. That’s why they decided to take their company in a different direction and develop apps for cats … yes … CATS. And if you think about it, the strategy sort of makes sense … over 300,000 applications available for humans – ZERO for cats … well that is, until now …



The free Game For Cats [iTunes] application is exactly what it sounds like … classic cat games pretty much every feline on the planet will enjoy … Chase the Mouse and Chase the Laser Pointer.


According to crazy cat-loving freaks cat aficionados, this universal application is best suited for the iPad … and damn, check out the app’s demo video, it totally works! (including the totally “I Don’t Give A Shit” dog)


And not only does it work, crazy cat-loving freaks cat aficionados everywhere are downloading the thing and putting it to good use. Just check out all the user submitted videos on the app’s website … Japanese cats, Siberian cats, American cats … all thrashing and scratching up their owner’s iPads while playing Game For Cats.

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