The iPhone Can Now Make Your Breasts Bigger – Pissed Off Boob Job Surgeons Demand Recall

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ … keep dat bullshit ROLLIN’!

Aside from Apple’s bullshit response to the iPhone 4 antenna issue (you’re holding it wrong) … there’s another disturbing trend out of Cupertino lately. Although the App Store has been cleansed from overtly sexual applications, Apple is perfectly fine with approving apps that are total scams … hair growth, wart removal, fat burning and more. There’s an app that helps you quit smoking by changing your cigarette’s flavor to ass … and of course the iPhone would not be revolutionary unless it made your penis happy and fixes erectile dysfunction. Oh and speaking or erections … there’s even an app which allows users to send hard-on’s to their friends as gifts – NOT KIDDING!

And now it’s time for boobs, breasts and titties … call ‘em what you want, the iPhone can now make them BIGGER with the Breast Enlargement Project application. HA!



Claiming to end the flat chest era with this app, Breast Enhancement Project promises to deliver bigger boobs after just 10 days of use. Apparently the app plays magical music … and if you listen to this magical music 20 times a day, for 30 seconds at a time … you’ll magically make you melons grow BIGGER!


Breast Enhancement Project even gives you an exact ROI … (20x/day x 30sec/day) x 10days = 100 minutes or 3 centimeters (approx one inch) of of boob growth … YEAH!



Of course there are the usual disclaimers … Breast Enhancement Project states that if you have a negative attitude, the magic music will not grow your titties … “as long as you believe "Breast Enhancement Project" , the fact will be confirmed.” AMEN!


[Disclaimer – Breast Enhancement Project is a serious application and is not meant to be used as a joke or gag. Like the aforementioned bullshit scam apps, Apple has classified Breast Enhancement Project as a Utility application, thus avoiding the obvious bullshit apps in the Entertainment category. CAPICHE?!]


  • I'm sure those are properly licensed characters from The Cleveland Show as well!

  • why yes, of course!

  • Matthew S. Sunday

    Not that I agree with approving these types of apps, and disapproving things like Google Voice… but, I just saw a news special on tv the other day that concerned this “boob noise”. Apparently, hidden in the frequency is the sound of a baby crying. There is supposed to be a bodily reaction that occurs to this sound, and a woman's breasts will swell slightly as if they were ready to feed…

    Not condoning, just sayin…

  • ok, certain sounds make you want to pee and even lactate to nurture a crying baby … fair enough … not too big of a stretch … but erections & bigger boobs, man, that's a tough one to swallow … but fun to write about 🙂

  • Matthew S. Sunday

    Agreed… even this is ridiculous… but, I just found it funny that an app was released a week after a tv special about it…

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  • bluee eyes

    why did they take the breast enlargment app away ? this sucks.. it says its not available anymore ? someone tell me why please ..

  • Checkboxrise

    It’s not that serious Wow. I was just looking for the name of the app to see if it exsists . I’m sure it’s gone now because of all the whiney people. Get lives. Peace n grease

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