Dig Dug iPhone iOS 4 Wallpaper [Download]

Retro-Games-App-store Similar to Apple’s recent introduction of the Retro Games section in the App Store, we’ve accidentally on purpose began our own old school collection … Retro Games iPhone 4 iOS 4 wallpaper. But unlike most retro iPhone games, our collection won’t cost you a dime because we’re sharing our vintage nuggets for FREE.

Our home screen wallpaper collection started with Pac-Man (we went a little nuts and collected 9 different versions) … then Ms. Pac-Man … next up was Donkey Kong … and now, the latest addition to our family, the classic arcade game published by Namco in 1982 – Dig Dug.


We found this awesome Dig Dug iPhone wallpaper on Flickr, created by docrocketpop … poor thing was sitting there all alone, looking lost and sad … we just had to bring it home.

Dig Dug is 640×960 size for iPhone 4. Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save. Enjoy!

Dig Dug iPhone Wallpaper

“F*ck” Now Allowed In The App Store – Al Pacino Soundboard Proves It Repeatedly

profanity1 One of the many cool things about being an iPhone app developer is that you get to play by Apple’s rules. While this may sound like it sucks, it’s really quite exciting because you never know what rule Apple will change or enforce next. It’s like playing a game of baseball in which one inning you try and get 3 outs, then 7 outs, then whatever random number of outs the umpire dreams up next.

So there used to be a time in the App Store when Apple did not allow the F-Bomb. Apps like South Park and Nine Inch Nails’ Access were rejected due to what Apple deemed as “objectionable content” … basically explicit language … the F-Word.

But apparently all that has changed …  applications can now contain the word “fuck” and even better, App Store preview screenshots can broadcast “fuck” to visitors young and old. The “fucking” screenshots is another rule change by Apple … previously they were rejecting apps due to objectionable preview screenshots. Per an email from the iPhone App Review Team,

Application screenshots must meet the requirements for a 4+ rating (no objectionable material) since these images are visible on the App Store by all users even when  purchasing is restricted by the application’s rating.

So how do we know about the “fucking” rule change? Nope – Apple did not hold a “fucking” press conference or distribute a “fucking” memo. In the exact same way most developers learn Apple’s rules … we just randomly stumbled upon the new “fucking” rule by downloading the Al Pacino Soundboard app [iTunes limited time FREE].


New rule #1 – can contain objectionable iPhone screenshots visible in the App Store …

New rule #2 – can contain explicit “fucking” language …


The Al Pacino Soundboard app features 158 Pacino sound clips from all his movies like The Godfather film trilogy, Scarface, The Devil’s Advocate and more. To say this app adheres to new rule #2 is an understatement … over 100 of the 158 audio clips contain some form of profanity with “fuck” taking center stage. Classic Pacino phrases like … “Fuck you” – “Fuck that shit” – and “Don’t fuck with me” are all there and so much “fucking” more.

Al-Pacino-1  Al-Pacino-2

So there you have it … if you are a “fucking” Pacino fan, REJOICE … Apple has once again randomly changed the rules and now approves “fucking” apps. But don’t “fuck” around …  download the Al Pacino Soundboard app [iTunes limited time FREE] now … because you never know when Apple will “fuck” with you and change their “fucking” rules yet again.

The iPhone Can Now Make Your Breasts Bigger – Pissed Off Boob Job Surgeons Demand Recall

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ … keep dat bullshit ROLLIN’!

Aside from Apple’s bullshit response to the iPhone 4 antenna issue (you’re holding it wrong) … there’s another disturbing trend out of Cupertino lately. Although the App Store has been cleansed from overtly sexual applications, Apple is perfectly fine with approving apps that are total scams … hair growth, wart removal, fat burning and more. There’s an app that helps you quit smoking by changing your cigarette’s flavor to ass … and of course the iPhone would not be revolutionary unless it made your penis happy and fixes erectile dysfunction. Oh and speaking or erections … there’s even an app which allows users to send hard-on’s to their friends as gifts – NOT KIDDING!

And now it’s time for boobs, breasts and titties … call ‘em what you want, the iPhone can now make them BIGGER with the Breast Enlargement Project application. HA!



Claiming to end the flat chest era with this app, Breast Enhancement Project promises to deliver bigger boobs after just 10 days of use. Apparently the app plays magical music … and if you listen to this magical music 20 times a day, for 30 seconds at a time … you’ll magically make you melons grow BIGGER!


Breast Enhancement Project even gives you an exact ROI … (20x/day x 30sec/day) x 10days = 100 minutes or 3 centimeters (approx one inch) of of boob growth … YEAH!



Of course there are the usual disclaimers … Breast Enhancement Project states that if you have a negative attitude, the magic music will not grow your titties … “as long as you believe "Breast Enhancement Project" , the fact will be confirmed.” AMEN!


[Disclaimer – Breast Enhancement Project is a serious application and is not meant to be used as a joke or gag. Like the aforementioned bullshit scam apps, Apple has classified Breast Enhancement Project as a Utility application, thus avoiding the obvious bullshit apps in the Entertainment category. CAPICHE?!]

iPhone Born In The Jungles Of Guatemala, Not Cupertino (Video Proof)

So after 13 years the truth finally comes out! This whole revolutionary iPhone idea … MEH, Steve Jobs ain’t so brilliant after all.

It was a dude named Dutch … covered in mud … deep inside the jungles of Guatemala. This is where the iPhone was born … this is where the vision began … from one ugly motherf*cker … iPredator! 

[apologies to those attempting to view this Flash-based video on the iPhone … we failed to read the Steve Jobs “Flash Is No Longer Necessary” memo]

(via Buzzfeed)

Medical Ailment Linked To iPhone 4 [Comic Strip]

How can you tell you’re turning into an iPhone 4? By now the answer should be fairly obvious … but just in case there’s any confusion, check out this brilliant comic strip by Murray The Nut.


Spanking The Donkey – We’re Still Talking About An iPhone Game, Right?

Nothing really to see here, folks, move along …

It’s a free iPhone game … it’s called Spanking The Donkey [iTunes Free].


To spank the donkey, just shake the iPhone up and down as fast as you can. Be sure to check out the Resistance Mode, “keep spanking to test your endurance and improve your spank during a long spanking session.”


Oh, did we mention it’s called Spanking The Donkey?



Again people … nothing to see here, move along. Our motives were purely selfish … we wanted to be the only non-porn website on the Internet to feature Spanking The Donkey. Yeah, we did mention it’s called Spanking The Donkey, right? LOL.

Donkey Kong iPhone iOS 4 Wallpaper- plus Recap Week Of July 5

Ad-Krapps-170x170 In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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July 10: LandFormer – Puzzles Undisguised [iPhone Game Review]


Donkey Kong iPhone iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper

DK1 So a few days ago we presented an awesome collection of 10 different  Pac-Man wallpapers (well technically 9 Pac-Man and 1 Ms. Pac-Man) … specifically designed for the iPhone 4 iOS 4 (640×960 size). Very cool stuff and chicks dig us cuz we now use one of the Pac-Man designs our home screen wallpaper.

But similar to Donkey Kong released in 1981 … a year after Pac-Man … the Donkey Kong iPhone 4 iOS 4 wallpaper once again follows in Pac-Man’s footsteps. Created by Geeky Gadgets reader Taylor Griffin, the Donkey Kong wallpaper is best suited for your iPhone’s home screen and cleverly integrates Mario, Pauline, Donkey Kong, girders, ladders, barrels and more.

Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save. Enjoy!

Doonkey Kong iPhone Wallpaper

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