WTF, Halloween Tampon Ghosts And Bats – plus Recap Week Of October 4

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

October 4: Destroy Bedroom Spontaneity With The Sex Organizer App

October 5: How To Spot An iPad Owner [Cartoon]

October 6: HELP! There’s A Transvestite Trapped In My iPhone – PeekaBoo Tranny App

October 7: Really Apple? ‘Lesbian Videos’ And ‘Breast Videos’ Approved For Sale

October 8: Jersey Shore Photo App, Jersify, Is Now FREE [T-Shirt Giveaways]

October 9: Zombies Ate My Baby – We Bought This App Solely Based On Its Name


Halloween Tampon Ghosts And Bats [DIY]

Hooray … Halloween is exactly three weeks away! And now is the perfect time to enjoy some lovely Halloween arts and crafts … which can then be used to decorate your home. We found the following creations on … which contains step-by-step directions for making your own Tampons of Terror. Meh … who needs legos when you have tampons!

Tampon Ghost
Some glue, some wiggle eyes … and BOO … you are good to go.

Tampon-Ghost-1  Tampon-Ghost-2

Tampon Bat
Talk about resourceful, this one even uses the plastic applicator to create the bat’s head.


tampon-bat-2 tampn-bat-3

Zombies Ate My Baby – We Bought This App Solely Based On Its Name

Rarely do we purchase an app solely based on its name … actually, we lie … we never have (although we were close to pulling the trigger on the Lesbian Videos application). Well that all came to an end the other day when we discovered Zombies Ate My Baby [iTunes $0.99] … this iPhone game had us at “hello”.



With a name like Zombies Ate My Baby, we’ll refrain from an in-depth, comprehensive review … pretty much all you need to know is that the game features a hot chick (Cheyenne) and she shoots zombies = WINNER!


Zombies Ate My Baby (love writing that) is well made, polished, contains killer graphics and is totally entertaining. Gameplay is simple – yet highly addictive. There’s OpenFeint integration (achievements and leaderboards), various game modes and cool comics which guide you through the entire experience. For 99 cents, the app provides tons of zombie blasting fun … this we like!



But besides the kick ass features described above, Zombies Ate My Baby has yet another bonus … an original theme song. This tune is so epic that it is now the official ringtone of our iPhone 4 … a real head-turner when our device starts belting out the lyrics – “Zombies, Zombies, Zombies … Ate My Baby!” … hear it for yourself by clicking the promo video below.

Jersey Shore Photo App, Jersify, Is Now FREE [T-Shirt Giveaways]

Earlier this year, we featured a … juiced up – over-tanned – pit-stained – fist pumping … app called Jersify [iTunes FREE]. This photo application has the revolutionary capability of  unleashing the Guido or Guidette in anyone … including Apple’s beloved co-founder Steve Jobs. With the help of Jersify, Steve Jobs becomes the ultimate Guido … “Sleazy T”.

JobsG  JobsGuidofyFINAL

Or how about Conan O’Brien? Yeah, that’s it … Coco is way sexier as a Guido.

CocoG  CocoGuido

With over 100 overlay options like Fedora hats, Yankees caps, Vercase and Prada shades, Fohawk hair, gold chains, the F you and more … the Jersify app provides an authentic Italian-American Muscle Milk look within minutes … including bronzer functionality for that gorgeous fake and bake synthetic tan appeal. 

detailed4    detailed

Jersify has just received an update, making this the most comprehensive and badass Jersey Shore-themed application available for the iPhone. Check out these features …

-> Gleamin’ white teeth whitener functionality
-> Three explicit FFFFUUUU hand gestures (the F you, the F you closeup, the double F you)
-> Guido Gallery … upload, browse and rate other Jersified photos
-> Jersify Smash Board featuring top rated photos
-> Share via email, Twitter, Facebook or though the new Guido Gallery

Jersify-iPhone-1  Jersify-iPhone-2

Typically Jersify is an absolute bargain at 99 cents … but apparently the developers are drunk and have lowered the price of Jersify to FREE [iTunes FREE]! We suggest you click here immediately and download Jersify for FREE … before the developers sober up and come to their senses.


GIVEAWAY – Jersey Shore “Grenade Free Foundation” T-Shirts
Jersey-Shore-t-shirt Jersify developer, CanaryCreations, was kind enough to give us two Jersey Shore-themed “Grenade Free Foundation” t-shirts … we are kind enough to give them to two lucky KRAPPS viewers. To enter the giveaway, tweet the following by 11:59pm PST Monday, October 11:

GIVEAWAY –> Enter to win a Jersey Shore t-shirt! And get the Jersify iPhone app for FREE. Visit @KRAPPS for details

Two winners will be chosen randomly from entries and announced via Twitter on Tuesday, October 12. Follow us on Twitter – @KRAPPS – so that we can notify you via direct message if you win. One entry per Twitter account. Good luck!

Really Apple? ‘Lesbian Videos’ And ‘Breast Videos’ Approved For Sale

Yet another proud “WTF Moment” from the brainiacs in Cupertino …

If Apple is so against selling overtly sexual applications in the App Store, why on earth would they approve the Lesbian Videos and Breast Videos apps? From their title, to description, to screenshots … these apps represent everything Apple is so dead set against. Bravo Apple … way to keep your business strategy and rulings consistent.

Lesbian Videos
The app starts by grabbing your attention … WARNING – FOR ADULTS ONLY – 17+ … then continues to read like a best seller from Vivid …

Lesbian – sexual and romantic desire between females
HOT Lesbians – Lesbian Lovers – Teen Lesbians
Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads – Multiple Partners – In the Bed, on the Couch



At $1.99, it’s impossible for any penis carrying human to resist such temptation. And bravo to the developers … in just three days after release, the titillating title and arousing description vaulted Lesbian Videos to #4 in the Lifestyle category. As if another “Sex Sells” proof point was needed.

Breast Videos
This one takes us back to the App Store’s glory days … with applications like Epic Boobs, Asian Boobs and Boob Trading Cards (we still cherish our Kim Kardashian rookie boob card – so cute) why even bother with some witty title? Just give ‘em what they want … BOOBIES!

Racks, tits and boobs! It’s time to see some female breasts in BREAST VIDEOS!
HOT WOMEN – Real Breasts – LARGE Breasts – Fake Silicone Breasts – Small Breasts



Oh … just in case you’re not very familiar with boobs … Breast Videos gives a useful educational tidbit about erect nipples (gee thanks) …


And finally, let’s not forget about another fine video collection we featured just last week

Orgasm Videos


Now before you get all hot and bothered by Lesbian Breast Orgasm Videos, please note … Apple seems to have lax standards when it comes to accurate app descriptions. Actually let’s just call a spade a spade … Lesbian Breast Orgasm Videos are 100% MISLEADING (thanks Apple). Don’t believe us … check out horny dude who bought the Lesbian Videos application … the same review can be applied to the other apps as well. OUCH!


HELP! There’s A Transvestite Trapped In My iPhone – PeekaBoo Tranny App

If you thought photobombing squirrels were annoying … count your blessings you haven’t crossed paths with a transvestite. Freaking tranny bitches … loud, obnoxious and all drama. Worse is when they get stuck inside your iPhone. Besides putting the full whack on your antenna’s reception … these tranny skanks demand to be the center of attention and mysteriously appear in every photo opportunity. Our iPhone’s camera roll is filled with these so-called peekaboo trannys.



But don’t make an appointment with the Genius Bar. This is not a defect … this is the only tranny app available for the iPhone … this is PeekaBoo Tranny.



Meet Trina, ChiChi, Jazmine, Rhea and Gail … the girls of PeekaBoo Tranny. These saucy mommas will randomly appear as photobomb overlays when taking a picture with the app … magically turning your images from somber to sass. Trina is included in the initial download … while the rest of the tranny bomb bitches are available via in-app purchase.


Now when we say randomly appear in your pictures … we really mean it. These trannys cannot be controlled, contained or positioned. Just point your camera, shoot … and pray your tranny will behave properly and photobomb the captured moment in an optimal manner. Hopefully the developers are not too busy duct taping their junk as an update which allows resizing and repositioning the peekaboo bomber would definitely be tranny-tastic.


Screw that well-known Hipstamatic photography app … <yawn> boring … check out PeekaBoo Tranny and listen to your iPhone holla from pain pleasure.

How To Spot An iPad Owner [Cartoon]

Oh those whacky iPad owners … they stick out like a sore thumb. And so true about us iPhone kooks … rarely in our pocket, we’re always looking obsessively at it.


(via Cartoonous)

Destroy Bedroom Spontaneity With The Sex Organizer App

Here’s a nickel’s worth of free advice …

Looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? … Try having more spontaneous sex. Want to continue in your sexual slump? … Use the Sex Organizer iPhone app.



Sex Organizer is the first complete sex planner for iPhone (and transforms users into droids). With features such as a sex calendar, sex diary, position planner and more … Sex Organizer promises a unique way to organize your sexual life. And if all this sexual organization isn’t enough … it has an integrated social media feature which allows the user to broadcast and share positions with friends via Twitter or Facebook (huh?).

Look, we get it. Kids, work, chores, etc. … most couple are busy, busy, busy. To avoid lovemaking ruts … organization and scheduling is necessary.

But there’s nothing better than just getting it on. No planning, no thinking … no Sex Organizer app … just spontaneous sex.

[stepping off our soapbox now]

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