Adventure, To The Max! [iPhone Game Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

From the creators of Harbor Master, Max Adventure [iTunes $0.99] by Imangi Studios for iPhone and iPad features a colander wearing, zap gun shooting, little tyke who likes to kick alien butt and take alien names (most of which are unpronounceable, I am sure). The premise is that this alien horde has taken all of the adults (for what nefarious purpose, we are not told – my bet is on some type of probing), so it’s left to the kids to save the planet. Little Max and his friends will have to make the most of whatever they can find to outlast and outshoot the invaders in both survival and story modes.



It’s only been out for about 3 weeks now, but this game has gotten a lot of praise in the form of a 5 star rating on iTunes with 108 reviews. And with good reason: the gameplay is ultra-smooth using a dual "stick" type control (left for moving Max, right for aiming and firing), the graphics are top notch and the music and sound effects fit right in (orchestral music beds, for the win).


For the story mode, you start out fairly easy to give you a chance to get a feel for the controls. It took me a little bit to make the most of the independent sticks and I spent most of my time running backwards, blasting away at the various alien species. Each level adds more aliens, a tougher goal and of course more power ups to help you reach that goal. At first, it appears you are alone, but you soon run into your friend Lizzie, who usually offers helpful advice, sometimes cajoling you into action while always standing aside to let you do the heavy lifting! By the third level, you are racing to locate six more kids before you fall, no simple task.


For the survivor mode, it’s just you against wave after wave of the alien horde. If you run behind a building, it turns semi-transparent, allowing you to see all of the action. Get at least 50 kills in a round and you’ll earn one of the myriad Game Center achievements that the game offers. Online leaderboards are provided as well, reason enough to engage your Game Center account.


The game is currently 99 cents, but this is rumored to be an introductory price. The latest update allows you to play the game on a TV hooked up with the VGA cable. I just kicked myself for not having one of those cables so I could make this into a truly Max Adventure.

MegaMan iPhone iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper Collection [Download]

megaman-iphone-22 Originally debuting in 1987 for the NES and now in its 10th release, we totally love the Mega Man video game series from Capcom. Actually there are a crap load more Mega Man variations besides the ten from the original series … try over 50 of them … plus TV series, comic books, novelty items and more. There’s even a cool Mega Man II iPhone game … which is a bit strange since Capcom never released a Mega Man I (huh?).

To proclaim our man-love for MegaMan, we’ve been sporting a couple of super awesome Mega Man iOS 4 wallpapers on our iPhone’s home screen. We’re sort of partial to version #2 with its “MAN” tags below each icon … strategically placed next to certain apps, it makes for some LMAO labeling … “TitBooby MAN” – “Asian Bikini MAN” – “A Douche Bag MAN”.


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[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Version #1

megaman iphone wallpaper 11

Version #2 (MAN)

mega man iphone wallpaper 12

Kackel Dackel Game Lets Kids Pick Up Dog Crap – plus Recap Week Of December 27

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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Kackel Dackel – The Official Game Of KRAPPS


After coming across the German-made pick up dog shit Kackel Dackel game, we seriously have to question the state of suck in the American toy industry. How come you don’t see Kackel Dackel in Toys “R” Us? Come on Mattel, Hasbro and Milton Bradley … lets go!

Available for $29.29 EUR via Amazon DE … hmmm – we smell an iPhone app just ripe for the picking.


[via Warming Glow]

Apple Slams Adobe Yet Again, Approves Perverted ‘Adobe Flasher’ App

We Don’t Spend A Lot Of Energy On Old Technology

flash-apple-kill Those are Steve Jobs’ famous words from earlier this year when discussing Adobe Flash with The Wall Street Journal. He went on to compare Flash to other dead technologies like Floppies, Firewire and the CD. Jobs even went further, issuing a 1,685-word statement … “Thoughts on Flash”. If you feel inclined, you can read the entire bad-mouthing release on Apple’s website … but in a nutshell … Jobs thinks Adobe Flash is a giant sack of suck.

Given the recent Apple vs Adobe Flash pissing match, it should come as no surprise that an iPhone game mocking Adobe was cool with Apple. Or should it? Seems like a cheap shot that Apple would approve Adobe Flasher



And per the app’s description, translated from original Engrish text (and btw, who freaking knows why the app icon says “free” yet sells for 99 cents – silly developers) …

One hot lady was walking down the lonely street at midnight.
Mr. Adobe ambushed (her) in the dark.
He jump out suddenly and open his coat, all his body is shown.
The lady was horrified by the assault and ran to the police.


LOL … see what they did there? Apple could have requested the developer change the game’s name from “Adobe Flasher” to say something more generic like “Windows The Flasher” … but what fun would that be leaving out the subtle barb at Adobe?


Adobe Flasher … just another “FFFFUUUU” from Apple to Adobe.

Got Cats? Check Out iPad Game For Cats … Not For Humans!

Apparently the folks at Hiccup, LLC have decided that 300,000+ iPhone applications available for download are enough. That’s why they decided to take their company in a different direction and develop apps for cats … yes … CATS. And if you think about it, the strategy sort of makes sense … over 300,000 applications available for humans – ZERO for cats … well that is, until now …



The free Game For Cats [iTunes] application is exactly what it sounds like … classic cat games pretty much every feline on the planet will enjoy … Chase the Mouse and Chase the Laser Pointer.


According to crazy cat-loving freaks cat aficionados, this universal application is best suited for the iPad … and damn, check out the app’s demo video, it totally works! (including the totally “I Don’t Give A Shit” dog)


And not only does it work, crazy cat-loving freaks cat aficionados everywhere are downloading the thing and putting it to good use. Just check out all the user submitted videos on the app’s website … Japanese cats, Siberian cats, American cats … all thrashing and scratching up their owner’s iPads while playing Game For Cats.

Tickle The Baby App – Cute Or Creepy?

Sort of like the cow milking game we featured … the faster you tickle the baby, the higher your score. Hmmm … Tickle The Baby iPhone app … cute or creepy?



And didn’t we read somewhere that excessive tickling is a form of torture. Hmmm … Tickle The Baby iPhone app … cute or creepy?


3° of Wikipedia, 360° of Head Spinning [iPhone Game Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

3 Degrees Of Wikipedia iPhone Game

I consult the Wikipedia all the time for fun facts, always verifying the crowd-sourced info before citing it anywhere else. When I heard there was a game based around the information on this well traveled site, I figured I’d give it a look. At first blush, the game sounds interesting: connect one Wikipedia page to another by finding the intermediate page that links to the second one AND that the first one links to. That’s right, you are finding the middle link in a chain before someone says "You are the weakest link!".


As an example, one problem goes Pig -> ? -> Economy. It took me quite a while to find "Even-toed ungulate" as the joining page, and I have a Bacon number of 4 (I just looked it up and no, I’m not gonna tell you how I connect to Kevin Bacon because I am not a name dropper unless some cash is going to exchange hands). What chance do others have of completing these puzzles in the normal and customary 24 hour day?


Much like Wikipedia itself, the puzzles, here called problems, are crowd-sourced. Have a great idea for a chain? Submit it and as others try to solve it they will be given the opportunity to rate the "enlightenment" of the problem and its corresponding answer. I was going to submit the problem Tim Giron -> ? -> One Billion Dollars, then I realized that I actually had to know the answer ahead of time to submit it. And here I thought I had figured out a way to let all of you give me a hand with this personally important issue. I know what you are thinking, "but Tim, you don’t even have a Wikipedia entry" to which I would reply "that is a minor setback for a motivated individual".


After several rounds, however, the game began to feel a bit less engaging. Much like a multiple choice question on a Junior High science test, for some pages the answer is readily apparent. Other times, the pages are so chock full of links that you will wade in with both feet and get stuck in the muck.

There are a dizzying array of achievements to be won, most of which encourage you to submit lots of puzzles and then get your friends to feel enlightened by them. If you are a Wikipedia junkie (or perhaps an even-toed ungulate), you will probably find this game fun for a short time. At 99 cents [iTunes] , it won’t cost you much to find out!

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