Sexy Star Wars Pinups – EWWW!

Look, we love the Star Wars film series as much as the next nerd, but there’s something about this sexy pinup collection from Yayzus Graphics that’s just not floating our boat. Check out a few samples below … after viewing Sexy Admiral Ackbar and others, we decided we would indeed kick “her” out of bed for eating crackers. Well, maybe we’d hit Sexy Boba Fett after a few beers.


For more Sexy Star Wars Pinups including Sexy Darth Maul and Sexy Stormtrooper, click here to view the entire gallery of oddities.




[via NCSX Blog and technabob]

Weird Stuff From Japan – iPhone 4 Sushi Case

Without a doubt, the Japanese produce some “interesting” products … Pee Without Noise StoolBody-Pillow GirlfriendsChewing Gum That Makes Your Boobs Grow … so it should come as no surprise that this totally bizarre iPhone 4 sushi case is made in Japan.



These peculiar cases come in two varieties … Tuna and Shrimp (for amateurs) or Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe (for veteran sushi lovers). And in a tasty move, the designers poo-pooed the whole “Form Follows Function” philosophy and made the case so it would completely cover the iPhone’s camera and flash – huh?

iphone-4-sushi-case-B  iphone-4-sushi-case-C

We’re a bit confused why anyone would pay 3,990 Yen (about $49 USD) for this freak show, but if you are so inclined, Strapya will be selling them in the near future. Kampai!



[via technabob]

MegaMan iPhone iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper Collection [Download]

megaman-iphone-22 Originally debuting in 1987 for the NES and now in its 10th release, we totally love the Mega Man video game series from Capcom. Actually there are a crap load more Mega Man variations besides the ten from the original series … try over 50 of them … plus TV series, comic books, novelty items and more. There’s even a cool Mega Man II iPhone game … which is a bit strange since Capcom never released a Mega Man I (huh?).

To proclaim our man-love for MegaMan, we’ve been sporting a couple of super awesome Mega Man iOS 4 wallpapers on our iPhone’s home screen. We’re sort of partial to version #2 with its “MAN” tags below each icon … strategically placed next to certain apps, it makes for some LMAO labeling … “TitBooby MAN” – “Asian Bikini MAN” – “A Douche Bag MAN”.


And in case you missed our previous video game wallpapers, below are links to those gems:

Pac-Man (9 versions to choose from)
Ms. Pac-Man
Donkey Kong
Dig Dug
The Legend Of Zelda
Tron (a bunch to choose from) 
more Tron (for both iPhone and iPad)

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Version #1

megaman iphone wallpaper 11

Version #2 (MAN)

mega man iphone wallpaper 12

Sexy Piano App Attempts To Deliver Sexy Sounds Of Beautiful Women [Video]

Look, we’re not afraid to admit … we’re healthy red-blooded penis-carrying members of the human race. As such, we were naturally attracted to the Sexy Piano iPhone app.


Heck, with a name like that … how could we resist? SEXY PIANO … yum!

Adding to the temptation of dropping 99 cents on this titillating application was its description. Although a bit difficult to decipher the Engrish language, we were at full attention reading Sexy Piano …

Sexy Piano is interesting piano which one of universe.
You can hear the beautiful woman’s sexy sound that you play Sexy piano and play the beautiful song. You can play the most beautiful song.

“You can hear the beautiful woman’s sexy sound” … with visions of the When Harry Met Sally screaming fake orgasm restaurant scene, we simply had to succumb to Sexy Piano’s hotness … SOLD!


And being the givers that we are, we’re sharing this sexiness with the world. Check out the Sexy Piano video below for some serious “LMAO – WTF”.

Spoiler Alert! … save a buck and just click here to watch the fake orgasm restaurant scene.

Learn To Roll A Joint With The ‘Roll Your Own’ App

Oh sure … it might come off as all innocent and charming, but it ain’t gonna to fool us! We know exactly what you’re all about mister Roll Your Own


This free iPhone app is certainly a wealth of knowledge. It contains all the information you’ll need to become a Rolling Ninja … rolling techniques, preparation methods, mixtures, papers, packing, etc. Roll Your Own also contains detailed step-by-step instructions (70+ detailed photos) or if you’re more into motion, handy-dandy videos are available.

roll-your-own-iphone-5  roll-your-own-iphone-2

With Roll Your Own, you’ll totally impress everyone at your next “social gathering” … besides the standard boring Classic roll, you can amaze friends when you pass them a  Tulip or Pyro roll … complex techniques which Roll Your Own will help you master.

roll-your-own-iphone-4  roll-your-own-iphone-3

Blunt? Doobie? Fatty? … hahaha … we know the real truth behind Roll Your Own!


Kackel Dackel Game Lets Kids Pick Up Dog Crap – plus Recap Week Of December 27

Ad-Krapps-170x170 Subscribe to our RSS feed and/or download the 100% free KRAPPS iPhone app … it’ll make you feel better!

In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

December 27: Make Custom Songs With Songatron App From ‘iPhone Antenna Song’ Guy [Video]

December 29: Apple Slams Adobe Yet Again, Approves Perverted ‘Adobe Flasher’ App 

December 30: Our Mind Is In The Gutter After Viewing ‘A French Hot Dog’ App [Video] 

December 31: Frank The Hot Dog, Proof Developers Shouldn’t Work While On Drugs [Video]

January 1: Best Free iPhone Amplifier Ever – Happy New Year!


Kackel Dackel – The Official Game Of KRAPPS


After coming across the German-made pick up dog shit Kackel Dackel game, we seriously have to question the state of suck in the American toy industry. How come you don’t see Kackel Dackel in Toys “R” Us? Come on Mattel, Hasbro and Milton Bradley … lets go!

Available for $29.29 EUR via Amazon DE … hmmm – we smell an iPhone app just ripe for the picking.


[via Warming Glow]

Best Free iPhone Amplifier Ever – Happy New Year!

And there you have it … another year gone by. Happy New Year!


Team KRAPPS wishes you and yours a healthy and successful 2011. We hope you have enjoyed following our site this past year and a huge THANK YOU for your support … you really do complete us! <emotional tears>

And to get 2011 started on the right foot … a money saving tip for boosting the volume on your iPhone …


This low no-tech iPhone amplifier was discovered by Cameron Hunt as a way of boosting the iDevice’s volume so he could listen to music while showering. Dude says it totally works … pretty freaking clever if you ask us!

[via MakeUseOf]

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