Official LEGO App Released – Geeks Excited, Have Brickgasms

Most geeks have iPhones … and since KRAPPS is eternally linked to the device, we come in contact with a lot of geeks. These folks are amazing … it’s like they have their own culture … Geek Culture. They wear witty T-Shirts (“rock is dead and paper killed it”), use Moleskine notebooks, read comic books, drink high-end beer, love Pixar movies and are totally into robots, bacon, dinosaurs and zombies. Stick a robot on anything, like toilet paper, geeks will buy it. Bacon bandages … plenty found in a geek’s medicine cabinet. Ever hear of legoTimPeckham Victory Storm King … ask a geek.

One of the biggest geek love affairs are LEGOs. Those colorful interlocking bricks are just about as sexy as Megan Fox to geeks. Invite a geek to your kid’s birthday party, chances are your rug rat ends up with LEGOs. “I’m going to Disneyland!” … won’t hear that from a geek Super Bowl MVP … “I’m going to LEGOLAND!”. Hell, just look at this actual headline from Gizmodo, it reads like geek porn … Gigantic Lego Star Wars Rebel Frigate Is 4 Feet 6 Inches Of Brickgasm (correct, geeks have brickgasms).

So warning – if you’re a geek, sit down now … we have excellent news! LEGO has just released their official iPhone app, LEGO Photo … its free and its awesome [iTunes].


LEGO Photo is simple genius … the KISS design principle (keep it simple, stupid) works perfectly in this app. Load a picture into LEGO Photo, touch a button and the image  magically changes into LEGO form … miniaturized bricks of brilliance. No one can argue that Steve Jobs or President Obama look much sweeter LEGOized.

Steve-Jobs-Original  Steve-Jobs-LEGO

Obama-Original  Obama-LEGO

And let’s not even talk about Megan Fox, geeks everywhere will be having massive brickgasms.

Megan-FOX-Original  Megan-Fox-LEGO

Come to think of it, why pay 99 cents for that Safe Sexting app when really, LEGO Photo is the ultimate in safe sexting. Just look how sex(t)y Vanessa Hudgens looks as a LEGO (another brickgasm, oh no!).

Safe-Sexting-Hudgens-1  Hudgens-LEGO-FINAL

[Special thanks to our bacon-eating, snow-shoveling, wise-ass of the Great White North Tim Peckham for providing today’s “You Complete Me” cartoon. Be sure to visit Tim’s website for more cartoons and information about his three apps … or check out his work as a cartoonist in the Toronto Sun.]

Magical Interview With Three Wolf Moon Licensor Michael McGloin [Part 2]

Part 2 of our interview with Michael McGloin, Creative Director of The Mountain … the company which produces the Three Wolf Moon (3WM) T-Shirt and  became’s top selling apparel item and an Internet phenomenon [Part 1].

Apple recently approved the official 3WM app [iTunes] … Three Wolf Moon HowlTone Generator [KRAPPS review] … which generates custom howling ringtones for your iPhone. So being the nosey dickheads we are, we cornered Michael and asked him about the development process of the app.


KRAPPS: So you talked about supporting your artists … how about Ms. Neshev, she must be huge for you guys!

Three-Wolf-Moon-pajamas-FIN Michael McGloin: We’ve (The Mountain Licensing) been representing Antonia Neshev, the Three Wolf Moon artist, for about a year now, trying to get her art and Three Wolf Moon out there on more than just a T-Shirt. We’ve done posters, pajamas, puzzles, skins with DecalGirl and Zagg, etc. Over the past six months hundreds of other people have made tribute shirts, products, blogs and apps that have cashed in on Three Wolf Moon and Antonia doesn’t get a piece of that pie. We wanted Antonia to get her piece of the pie and we wanted to take it to the next level and offer our fans something that no one else could provide. The power of Three Wolf Moon in your pocket! Everyone should have that type of power to get through their day and that’s our gift.

LOL … no shit! We’ve had some pretty crappy days around here and the 3WM app would’ve come in handy, so we’re totally stoked a pocket version is now available.

Ok, the 3WM HowlTone Generator … what’s up with that? Did you geek-up and code it yourself?

Nah – I’m an artist, no Objective-C for this MacHEAD. A few different developers approached me about doing an app and we came up with a bunch of killer ideas. For some reason the first developer (iverse comics) dropped out about a month into it. We talked about wolf pack portals. Where people could upload pics of themselves in the shirt, comment on it and a possible proximity gps alert howl would happen when you walked by another Three Wolf Moon hipster, a secret handshake of sorts. But that project ended dead in the water.

LMAO … Wolf Pack Portal! That is sick and would be insane for a possible second app. Sorry to interrupt, go ahead.

Waya-FINAL Nice Kanye West move … anyways we’ll continue. Then Mark Peterson of TapFactory contacted me and expressed interest as well. He saw the New York Times article and wanted to make the Official Three Wolf Moon app. TapFactory was really great. I had so much on my plate and they were really patient. I worked with Cameron Smith and we threw a bunch of ideas back and forth, finally settling on a HowlTone generator to get something launched pretty quickly. Something we could build upon. I contacted one of our T-Shirt customers who has a wolf preserve and they supplied the wolf howls. It all came together very organically.

Imma let you finish … just wanted to say that the recordings of the wolf howls are awesome! Love the fact you guys used actual wolves and they even have names …
Wa-Ta-Chee, Ohoyo and Waya … very cool touch!

Yes, it was important for us to have a “connection” with the wolves. So then I wanted to try and get the app launched before 3WM showed up on The Office. We were all set to submit to Apple for approval, but then I thought it would be great to be able to record your own howl (or anything you wanted) as well, so it took a bit longer. And then when TapFactory was ready to submit I threw in another curve ball… the ability to buy the much sought after Three Wolf Moon Glow Shirt. We had to make the Glow Shirt purchase so you could only get it through the app exclusively from us. That was the final hurdle and we pulled it together and made it happen.


Yeah, we’re already in for that sweet 3WM Glow Shirt. Figure it’s the perfect shirt for when we go clubbin … chicks will dig a glowing 3WM KRAPPS.

Well Michael, we appreciate you taking the time to hang with us and sharing insights about your beginnings, The Mountain and the new Three Wolf Moon HowlTone Generator iPhone app. We wish you continued success and much luck with the app. Be sure to howl at us with any iPhone updates!

Thanks Mister KRAPPS. It’s been my pleasure to share a behind-the-scenes look at our operation. On behalf of The Mountain, I wish you and all your KRAPPS viewers the power of Three Wolf Moon … may its magic bring endless happiness to your life. Happy New Year!

[Be sure to check out The Mountain’s 2010 catalog … we were blown away by the new designs for next year … dinosaurs, bigfoot, gorillas, reptiles, etc. … just awesome stuff)


Pussy Lovers, Tits And Boobies – The Joke Is Over, Banned!

caprice [kuh-prees] –noun : a sudden, impulsive change in the way one thinks or acts; freakish notion; whim

Yesterday we ran an article about two curiously named iPhone apps … Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies. Obviously the titles are a play on words and the apps are best served as  practical jokes. Come on Mensa, did you really think you were getting vagina pics?

TitsAndBoobiesSplash  PussyLoversSplash


Pussy and boobies developer Samir Roy stated to us that his two apps are doing very well. Within 24 hours of release, each of the apps landed in the top 10 of their respective category. Currently Pussy Lovers is the #6 Free Lifestyle app, while Tits And Boobies is #3 in the Free Eduction category. Samir indicated that Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies have enjoyed nearly 300,000 combined downloads within 11 days of going live.


BanHammer But like the tale of Romeo and Juliet, this love affair with pussy and boobies has a tragic ending … Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies are being removed from the App Store. Apple has made a sudden and impulsive change … the apps have been deemed inappropriate for the App Store. Apple’s logic (we use the term loosely) is that both Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies do not contain content that match the title. Samir inquired if he updated the apps with images of vaginas and breasts, could he receive Apple’s approval using the same title (funny guy that Samir). Apple made it clear, they are not asking him to include pictures of vaginas … and gave a “maybe” on breasts. Understandably, Samir is frustrated … guess he’ll need to pull the plug on his upcoming app Big Cocks (roosters).

At the time of this writing, Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies are still available for download … but you better hurry … the joke is almost over.

Magical Interview With Three Wolf Moon Licensor Michael McGloin [Part 1]

3-wolf-moon-girl Three Wolf Moon (3WM) … a T-Shirt, featuring three wolves howling at the moon. The shirt is sold on and after numerous satirical reviews, it became an Internet phenomenon (Internet meme). Reviewers claim the shirt gave them magical powers and 3WM quickly became the top selling apparel item on In an October episode of NBC’s The Office, Dwight wears the shirt to a wedding a successfully picks up a girl.

Apple recently approved the official 3WM app [iTunes] … Three Wolf Moon HowlTone Generator [KRAPPS review] … which generates custom howling ringtones for your iPhone. We spoke with Michael McGloin, Creative Director of The Mountain (the company which produces the 3WM shirt), regarding why on Earth would he get into the competitive iPhone app business.

Below is part 1 of our interview … part 2 publishes tomorrow (hey, we try to limit our posts to 500 words or less – more time for you to do other stuff).


KRAPPS: First off, congrats on the release of the Three Wolf Moon HowlTone Generator app. We’ll get to that in a bit, but we were curious about this Brian Govern character … the dude who posted the very first review of the Three Wolf Moon shirt on Amazon which started the phenomenon … have you ever met him? You should probably buy him a beer.

Michael McGloin: Yep … good old Brian Govern. We haven’t met in person, but we’ve talked on the phone a bunch and I just sent him a box of 3WM for his family for Christmas. ROFLCon contacted me to speak at their conference in April, so I invited Brian, along with the Three Wolf Moon artist, Antonia Neshev, and the guy who did the Three Keyboard Cat Moon t-shirt to join me on the panel. So I look forward to meeting Brian for the first time in person this April. And just a side note, The Mountain will be producing the official ROFLCon T-Shirt.

Cool. Looking at the ROFLCon lineup, it should be a kick ass time … a lot of big time internet meme peeps. Anywho … let’s talk about your new app. You got a good thing going with 3WM … pumping out like 1 billion shirts per hour … why jump into the competitive iPhone app market?

Simple – I’m a MacHEAD. I have and love my iPhone. I stood in a massive line for the first generation iPhone and have been using Apple products for more than 18 years now at The Mountain and in my personal life. To have an iPhone app makes my life complete.


Nice … good to hear your life is now complete … the iPhone is cool like that. So tell us about your business background … how did you get into this whole T-Shirt thing?

Untitled-1 I started printing shirts 20 years ago when T-Shirt Art Licensing didn’t really exist yet. I had my own T-Shirt company called Artwear. I sold shirts at Phish and The Grateful Dead shows and in the process, built a great client list. I was then asked by the partners of The Mountain to come aboard and build a print shop so they could sell to their retail stores. I built the company with the help of a team of great artists and great friends. We quickly figured out methods of printing that no one else was using. This led to making shirts for The Dead (while Jerry was still alive), Bob Marley (Family) and Jimi Hendrix (Estate). We later expanded into Native American themes, then Animals and Fantasy. It was always my goal for the original design artist to get paid for every shirt that goes out the door and that stands true to this day at The Mountain.

Right on … classy move having the backs of the artists who actually made the T-Shirt design. Tell us about your deal with Element Skateboards. Seems way different than making unicorn shirts.

The Mountain has been working with some great companies, like Element Skateboards, building our brand and expanding our product line through licensing the core team of artists on our line. We are now on our third skateboard deck series with Element and every year more and more skaters, boarders and skiers send us pictures of themselves in our gear. It’s a great feeling to have the support of that demographic.


[That concludes Part 1 of our interview. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow, when we’ll discuss details about the Three Wolf Moon iPhone app development and programming process.]

WTH Apple! ‘Pussy Lovers’ And ‘Tits And Boobies’ Apps?

We received a tip from the folks at Just Another iPhone Blog … they spotted something scandalous and thought we should be all over it. A new app was recently approved by Apple … Tits and Boobies.



The description reads as follows …

These tits and boobies are wide exposed and open to nature. You can see them as God intended to be viewed in their real forms.

Seriously, WTH!! … wide exposed and open to nature. Holy shit … visions of exhibitionists and nudist camps raced through our heads. Lately we’ve seen a lot of apps with sexy titles attempting to draw viewer attention (mainly boobs), but since tits is a first for Apple, we decided to investigate further.

We checked out the developer responsible for Tits and Boobies … Samir … and what we found was even more shocking than the original tip. From the same developer, Apple approved … Pussy Lovers.



The description reads as follows …

If you love pussy, this application is for you. Each and every pussy is more and more tight and super tempting.

OMG!! … tight and tempting pussies? Apple has completely gone insane. Thinking in lieu of cash bonuses this year, Apple passed out some hairy buds from Humboldt.

For the first time ever, we were intimidated by an app … scared to download both Pussy Lovers and Tits and Boobies. But we did, for the sake of this article and our viewing rage_fu_guy audience.

As we scanned through Pussy Lovers and Tits and Boobies, a reoccurring thought went through our heads … a scandalous tip? – FFFFUUUU Just Another iPhone Blog!

Just look at this Brazilian Pussy and a Great Tit … FFFFUUUU!

  Tits-And-boobies-1FINALS  Pussy-Lovers-1FINAL

Recap: Week Of December 21 – (plus Best App Ever Awards)

iphone3g krapps 2 In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

December 21: Once Rejected Minipops App Is Now Approved With No Changes

December 22: Sex Position Calculates Optimal Shagging Positions, Includes Instructional Graphics

December 23: Apple Preaches Safe Sexting, Approves Safe Sexting App

December 24: Cuddle Up With Your iPhone And Enjoy The Worst Holiday Movie Ever

December 25: Steve Jobs Makes An Elf Out Of Himself – Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

December 26: A Drunk And Electrocuted Santa For Your iPhone



Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, Razzies, ESPYs … blah, blah, blah! What you should really check out is the iPhone equivalent, the BAEAs – better known as the Best App Ever Awards.

For the second year in a row, the folks over at are running their Best App Ever Awards which help recognize and publicize the best apps available across 55 categories. And the categories are not just your typical boring crap like Best Game or Best Education App … oh wow! They range from Best Artistic Expression App … to Best Feel Like A Local App … to Most Creative Use Of iPhone Hardware … to Most Innovative App.

Also what’s cool about the Best App Ever Awards is that the voting is done by you … not some dorky panel of dicknose judges who think they know it all. You’re involved in both the nominations and the final winner selections. Below is the timeline for the 2009 awards:

Now through December 31 – Nominations accepted
January 1 – Top 10 nominees announced for each category and Best App Ever
January 1 through 31 – Voting open
February – Winners announced at Macworld Expo 2010

Additionally, we are stoked to be part of this year’s Nomination Committee. Although there were no appropriate categories for the majority of apps we feature (which is a GOOD thing), we had a fun time submitting apps we use on a daily basis.

So check out –> and throw in your favorite apps to the nomination mix. Then check back in January to vote for the final winners. Plus by participating in the Best App Ever Awards, you’ll surely discover some killer apps you might have missed.

A Drunk And Electrocuted Santa For Your iPhone

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas yesterday! Santa Claus did a great job delivering presents to all those on his “Nice List” (we got screwed, we got coal). No reports on TMZ of any crazy Christmas capers or other Santa sleaze (unlike Tiger Woods, Santa stopped at three ho’s) … so it looks like the Big Guy completed another successful Rodman-Wedding-Dress worldwide delivery run this year.

So what does Santa do now … the day after Christmas? DRINK! – A LOT! Not just one or two or twelve or twenty four drinks … we’re talking a full blown alcohol binge that would make even ex-NBA freak show Dennis Rodman look like a virgin bride all dressed in white (oh wait, Rodman does look like that).

Of course Santa’s December 26 drunken escapades are no secret and as such, there’s an app for that … Drunken Santa Klaus.


Drunken-Santa-Klaus-1  Drunken-Santa-Klaus-2

Now while you can’t stop Santa from getting blitzen (see what we did there), you can help a brother out by keeping him on his feet and avoid ending up face down in a gutter, sleeping in jolly puke … or worse, dead electrocuted Santa! So check out the Drunken Santa Klaus video below and help Santa deliver a very Merry Christmas 2010.


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