Wii iPhone 4 iOS Home & Lock Screen Wallpaper Set [Download]

As much as we love playing games on our iPhone … we are far from Apple fanboys and realize there are other gaming systems that kick ass. Besides iOS, our most frequented platform is the Nintendo Wii (we play a bit of Xbox … Black Ops only). Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Kart … it’s all good, but Bowling … we’re freaking stuck on 213 as a high score – ARGH!


Anywho … it seems deviantART member, Letyi, is also a Wii aficionado. He created an epic iPhone iOS 4 wallpaper set which turns your iPhone into an … iWii (see what we did there). Both the matching lock and home screens are 640×960 in size and will look super sweet on your newly transformed iPhone. Good stuff Letyi – BRAVO!

[Download directly to iPhone camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Lock Screen


Home Screen


epic – The Toolbox iPhone iOS 4 Home & Lock Screen Wallpaper Set [Download]

By no means are we Tool Time Guy, Garage Dwellers or Bob The Builder. We don’t have a Snap-on Tools sexy girl calendar, own a plethora of power tools or have grease under our fingernails … however we can change a light bulb, fix a flat tire and hit a curveball.

So yeah, we might not be a part of the Home Depot frequent buyer program … but we do absolutely love these toolbox iPhone iOS 4 wallpapers for both the lock and home screen.


deviantART member, cypher7, has created a stunning matching iPhone wallpaper pack which will satisfy all walks of life … from Gear Heads to Geeks … Nascar Fans to Neurosurgeons. iPhone 4 owners can download the 640×960 sizes below. Got iPhone 3GS? – CLICK HERE for the 320×480 version to satisfy your needs.

[Download directly to iPhone camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Toolbox Lock Screen


Toolbox Home Screen


MegaMan iPhone iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper Collection [Download]

megaman-iphone-22 Originally debuting in 1987 for the NES and now in its 10th release, we totally love the Mega Man video game series from Capcom. Actually there are a crap load more Mega Man variations besides the ten from the original series … try over 50 of them … plus TV series, comic books, novelty items and more. There’s even a cool Mega Man II iPhone game … which is a bit strange since Capcom never released a Mega Man I (huh?).

To proclaim our man-love for MegaMan, we’ve been sporting a couple of super awesome Mega Man iOS 4 wallpapers on our iPhone’s home screen. We’re sort of partial to version #2 with its “MAN” tags below each icon … strategically placed next to certain apps, it makes for some LMAO labeling … “TitBooby MAN” – “Asian Bikini MAN” – “A Douche Bag MAN”.


And in case you missed our previous video game wallpapers, below are links to those gems:

Pac-Man (9 versions to choose from)
Ms. Pac-Man
Donkey Kong
Dig Dug
The Legend Of Zelda
Tron (a bunch to choose from) 
more Tron (for both iPhone and iPad)

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Version #1

megaman iphone wallpaper 11

Version #2 (MAN)

mega man iphone wallpaper 12

more TRON iPhone & iPad iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper [Download]

Our apologies in advance … we’re getting a little TRON crazy here at Casa de KRAPPS.

Last Friday we began our official one week countdown to the debut of Tron: Legacy. We celebrated T minus 7 days by showcasing four of the most epic Tron-themed iOS 4 iPhone 4 home screen wallpapers found on the Internet. If you missed the awesomeness, CLICK HERE to view the article/wallpapers.

tron-iphone-1 tron-iphone-2 tron-iphone-3

Well December 17, 2010 is now … the highly-anticipated and long-awaited Tron: Legacy rolls out today … and frankly, we’re f*cking EXCITED!!! As such, there’s no way we can present any other material than Tron. Specifically more Tron wallpaper … but this time for BOTH iPhone and iPad.


deviantART member, binarydental, has created a stunning iOS Lightcycle wallpaper pack. It looks absolutely insane on the iDevice of your choice … iPhone or iPad. The iPhone version is 640×960 in size … while the iPad selection clocks in at 768×1024 (vertical orientation) or 1024×768 (horizontal orientation). Tron fans will love these wallpapers … download them today and enjoy!

[Download directly to iPhone/iPad camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

iPhone (640×960)

tron iphone wallpaper 5

iPad Horizontal (1024×768)

tron ipad wallpaper 2

iPad Vertical (768×1024)

tron ipad wallpaper 1

TRON iPhone iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper – 4 To Choose From [Download]


In exactly one week, the highly-anticipated and long-awaited Tron: Legacy science fiction movie will finally be released. This sequel to the 1982 film Tron has been receiving a ton of hype and buzz. Judging by its trailer, Tron: Legacy should be the epic blockbuster hit of the holiday season.

tron-iphone-1  tron-iphone-2

In anticipation of December 17, we decided to appropriately deck out our iPhone … Tron-style. While there are plenty of killer lock screen wallpapers (our faves are HEREHERE … and HERE), locating Tron-inspired iOS 4 iPhone 4 home screen wallpapers presented a bit of a challenge (not many to choose from). Below are four of the coolest Tron wallpapers we found on the Internet. Which one will you choose?

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Tron iPhone Wallpaper #1 (by John Flynn, aka Bryne Shrimp)

tron iphone wallpaper 1

Tron iPhone Wallpaper #2 (by deviantART member ~elpanco)

tron iphone wallpaper 2

Tron iPhone Wallpaper #3 (by Touch Arcade member Mindfield)

tron iphone wallpaper 3

Tron iPhone Wallpaper #4 (by Jim Rhoades, founder of Crush Apps)

tron iphone wallpaper 4

Get The Holiday Spirit With These iPhone iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpapers [Download]

Now that the Christmas holiday season are upon us … what better way to show your spirit than with the iPhone? Unless you’re a total scrooge, trimming your home screen with any of the iOS 4 iPhone 4 wallpapers below is the perfect way to celebrate. Each wallpaper is 640×960 in size … so they’ll look especially glorious on your iPhone 4. Enjoy!

christmas-iphone-wallpaper  christmas-iphone

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Wrapping Paper Madness

photo 1

Christmas Lights Goodness

photo 2

Candy Cane Sweetness

photo 3

Previous Overtly Sexual App Returns As Wallpaper App – Hot Mug Shots Wallpaper

Back in the good old days, when Apple approved such crap as “Asian Bikini Fart”, “Epic Boobs” and “Girls In Hand Bras” … there was a certain overtly sexual application catering to rednecks. Simply put, Busted Hot featured mug shots of hot chicks.


Since then, Busted Hot has been removed in the Great App Store Cleanup conducted by Apple in January 2010 … or has it?

Under the guise of an iPhone wallpaper application, Busted Hot has reared its ugly head … Hot Mug Shots Wallpaper.



With Hot Mug Shots Wallpaper it’s basically … same shit, different day. Pictures of women taken from law enforcement databases … packaged into an iPhone application … and sold for profit. Joy!

hot-mug-shots-iphone-3  hot-mug-shots-iphone-4

Not sure what Apple is smoking these days … but if previously banned products can now return as wallpaper, we should shortly see an onslaught of Drunken Girls and Beautiful Boobs WALLPAPER applications.

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