Apple Drops The Final Bomb On Smut – All ‘Overtly Sexual’ Apps Removed

In case you missed our previous coverage, Apple has reversed their policy and is in the process of removing once approved smut applications from the App Store. Below is an overview of Apple’s efforts:

Friday, January 29: As detailed in our “Apple Reverses Policy, Begins Removing Smut” article, Apple sends developers a short email explaining their app(s) have been removed from sale due to customer complaints of inappropriate content … showing too much skin. While the exact criteria for “too much skin” is unknown, it seems only the most extreme apps were pulled … pasties and hand bras.

Thursday, February 11: Reported in our “Apple Continues War On Smut” article, Apple begins rejecting apps for displaying objectionable preview screenshots. Apple informs developers that … “the application screenshots must meet the requirements for a 4+ rating since these images are visible on the App Store by all users even when purchasing is restricted by the application’s rating.”


Yesterday, in what probably will be considered the most significant day in Apple’s war on smut, developers received the following email from the iPhone App Review team …

Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2010 x:xx PM
Subject: <APP NAME> Removed from Sale



The App Store continues to evolve, and as such, we are constantly refining our guidelines. Your application, <APP NAME>, contains content that we had originally believed to be suitable for distribution. However, we have recently received numerous complaints from our customers about this type of content, and have changed our guidelines appropriately.


We have decided to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store, which includes your application.


Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you believe you can make the necessary changes so that <APP NAME> complies with our recent changes, we encourage you to do so and resubmit for review.



iPhone App Review

As noted, in January, Apple only removed the most extreme smut apps. This time around … in a rather apologetic tone … Apple is removing “any overtly sexual content from the App Store.” KRAPPS received numerous emails from developers stating their apps were  removed. Most were tame … you’d see more titillating content in a Maxim magazine.

asian-bikini-fart-FINAL The Asian Bikini Fart app, along with its Sexy, Black and Latina counterparts, have all been removed. These apps showed no excessive skin … they were simply still images of farting girls in bikinis.

The Dirty Fingers Screen Wash app has been removed. As detailed in our review, this app is a virtual iPhone screen cleaner … a girl, in a bikini, spraying and cleaning the screen.

Launched 13 months ago, the Wobble iBoobs app has also been removed. This app contains no sexual content. It’s photo manipulation software that lets you jiggle selected areas of images uploaded to the application. Static pictures become dynamic … jiggling Jell-O, swaying bridges and of course, bouncing boobs.

So it appears Apple is not just targeting photo smut apps. Sexy slider puzzles, sex positions, sexy scratch offs and many more … all have been removed. What remains to be seen is how consistent Apple will be with their new “overtly sexual content” policy. Will removals be arbitrary and subjective … or will Apple have the balls to remove such big name apps like Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Maxim and FHM … these apps certainly contain overt sexual content, yet still remain for sale (and considering the iPad, probably will always remain for sale).

Sports-Illustrated-iPhone  Playboy-iPhone

Or better yet, developer On The Go Girls published both the Dirty Fingers Screen Wash and Hooters Calendar Sexy Screen Wash apps … Dirty Fingers pulled, Hooters remains – huh? Stay tuned for further developments.

Dirty-Fingers-iPhone-FINAL  Hooters-Wash-iPhone

New iPhone App Proves Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

It’s a given – sex sells. Pretty simple stuff … anyone can do it. Get an assortment of smoking hot chick pictures, mix in some titillating words (erotic, exotic, luscious, explicit content, scantily-clad, etc.) … and voila, you completed the sex sells equation.

But despite the worldwide appeal of sex and the fact that a monkey could sell it, a few bozos still manage to screw up. Case in point, the Best Cute Leg app by 1Games


Close but no cigar. We would give some consideration to the plural of this app … Best Cute LegSSSS, but even then, something about being released as a woman during a lonely nice night really disturbs us.

So, no thank you! We’ll just go ahead and stick to the thousands of good old fashioned iPhone smut selections available for download … like the Tight Body Perky Boobs app … doesn’t get any simpler than that.


Addicted To Porn? These Apps Can Help You Recover

As previously reported, we’ve been closely following Apple’s all-out attempt at clearing the App Store of smut apps. In late December, without any warnings, Apple reversed its policy and began removing once approved sexy hot chick apps that showed too much skin (pasties, hand bras, etc.). Then just this week, Apple began rejecting apps due to inappropriate preview screenshots… stating they must meet the requirements for a 4+ rating (suitable for ages 4 and above).

And there’s an additional, albeit indirect approach … a pair of iPhone apps that help users battle their addiction to pornography.

Biblical Encouragement – Pornography Addiction
Published by WorldLink Apps, per the app’s description … “this application provides encouraging Bible verses for the myriad of emotions and symptoms associated with pornography addiction”. And not only is this app quite popular (breaking into the Health & Fitness category’s Top 50 in the UK … but still not in the US Top 300), Biblical Encouragement – Pornography Addiction seems to be reaching its target market. According to AppShopper’s “Customers Also Bought” feature, users who purchased  Pornography Addiction also downloaded Epic Boob, Sexy Girls and Sex Jokes.


biblical-1  biblical-2

iRecover – Pornography Addiction Recovery
While Biblical Encouragement provides, well, encouragement to battle your porn addiction … iRecover takes a bit of a different approach. From the get go, the app cuts through the bullshit and bluntly states … “For those of you who are ready to overcome the filth of pornography and invest in meaningful and fulfilling relationships – if you are ready to quit letting these filth peddlers make a quick buck by preying on your natural God-given instincts – this is the time and the year!” iRecover provides articles, resources, tools and techniques to battle porn addiction … much like the training and planning system from FranklinCovey. And although released just two days ago, iRecover has quickly vaulted into its category’s Top 200 in France.


irecover-1  irecover-2

Apple Continues War On Smut – Apps Rejected Due To Screenshots

smut-graffiti-FINAL About two weeks ago, we reported that Apple began a massive App Store sweep by removing once approved smut applications. Apple stated these apps were banished due to customer complaints for inappropriate content (showing too much skin). While the exact criteria for “too much skin” is unknown, pasties and hand bra apps were the biggest casualties … currently there are none left in the store. Apple’s reversal in policy came without notice, completely blindsiding developers.

And it doesn’t end there … the blindsiding smut clean up continues. Applications are now being rejected for displaying objectionable preview screenshots. Below is the email Apple is currently sending developers, informing them that … “the application screenshots must meet the requirements for a 4+ rating since these images are visible on the App Store by all users even when purchasing is restricted by the application’s rating.”

Thank you for submitting your application to the App Store. Unfortunately, xxxxx xxxxxx cannot be posted to the App Store at this time because the screenshots provided contain content that is objectionable for certain age groups. This is in violation of Section 3.3.14 from the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement that states:


"Applications may be rejected if they contain content or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, etc.) that in Apple’s reasonable judgment may be found objectionable, for example, materials that may be considered obscene, pornographic, or defamatory."


The application screenshots must meet the requirements for a 4+ rating (no objectionable material) since these images are visible on the App Store by all users even when  purchasing is restricted by the application’s rating. The inappropriate images have been attached for your reference.


While your iTunes Connect Application State is displayed as Rejected, it is not necessary to upload a new binary.  Once you have made the necessary modifications, please reply to this email and we will proceed with your application review.


iPhone App Review Team

Interesting that Ars Technica, The Big Money and Fraser Speirs all had recent articles identifying the problem of soft-core pornography being visible in the App Store. KRAPPS has also covered the matter in our “iTunes – Featuring Sexually Explicit Descriptions For All To Read” and “App Descriptions Gone Wild” articles. So perhaps Apple is listening … yet they  have a LONG way to go. Just today, a pair of Yau’s Asian Boobs applications were approved with the following screenshots …

yaus-1  yaus-2

And of course there’s plenty of non 4+ rated screenshots in the Lifestyle section of the App Store … everything from the Amateur Thongs screenshots to Caribbean Sex Fantasies (do app names also fall under the 4+ rating scrutiny? are those girls twins?).

Amateur-Thongs  Caribbean-Sex-Fantasies

Oh … since Apple now approves sex position apps, they’ll have to deal with the 69 Positions app, iKamasutra and many more.

69-Positions  iKamasutra

At the current rate, 4+ rated screenshots seems like a tall order for Apple to fulfill, especially given Apple’s history of inconsistent policy enforcement . But perhaps some day pre-schoolers will be able to peruse the App Store without being enlightened to the benefits of the Missionary position. Gee, here’s an idea … program the parental controls to disable not only the purchasing, but also viewing of restricted apps in iTunes. Come on Apple … if you can make an iPad, certainly you can handle this bit of programming … it’s all about being revolutionary, right?

Sports Smut – The Latest App Store Sexploitation

When it comes to smut, it seems no stone has been left unturned in the App Store. Name your sleaze and chances are there’s an app for that. College Babes … Asian Boobs … MILFs … Porn Stars … Panties, Stockings, Thongs and Lingerie … Emo Chicks … Sexy Amateurs … just a few examples of the thousands of smut apps available for download.

While we try not to judge what floats your boat, these next three apps made us laugh out loud – too freaking tacky. Obviously not much is off-limits when it comes to Apple making a buck … including the sexploitation of Olympic, professional and college female athletes for your perverted pleasure. Bravo … the App Store now contains Sports Smut.

Adult Sexy Gymnast
Nice attempted save with the “Adult” descriptor. With a large percentage of girls under the age of 18 who compete in gymnastics, this app is perfect for those sick morons who give candy to little girls and watch the Summer Olympics for one reason … tight uniforms.


Sexy-Gymnast-1  Sexy-Gymnast-2

Not only does the title alone make us feel dirty and cheap … but the tunnel vision butt shots furthers the creepiness. And you gotta love the app’s description … “17+ ONLY CONTENT” … “EXTREME CANDID SHOTS” … “FANTASTIC BOTTOMS” … “FACINATING POSES” … “NASTIEST user submitted pics” … “GET EXCITED by hot images taken on INDOOR playground”. We’re still talking about volleyball, right? Could’ve sworn we were  downloading the Girls Of Glitter Gulch application.


volleyball-1  volleyball-2

Adult Tennis Boobs
Now we’ll be the first to admit that there are some smokin’ hot women tennis players … but dammit son, CONTROL YOURSELF! Seriously, can’t a girl just play tennis without ending up in a smut app? Hmmm … Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Maria Kirilenko, Ana Ivanovic, Victoria Azarenka and many more … ok, well maybe we’re being too harsh on Adult Tennis Boobs – we’ll let it slide <hee, hee>.


tennis-boobs-1  tennis-boobs-2

Augmented Reality For Pizza – Seriously, Why?

threadless-iphone-poop There’s a cool t-shirt at which says … “Having an iPhone has completely changed the way I poop”. LOL … ain’t that the truth. The iPhone is information and productivity at its finest. Just think of all the things you can do while taking an iCrap … read the latest news, post to your blog, Twitter (we admit … been there, done that), play a game of Monopoly, learn to speak Russian, buy stocks, play the piano, edit a photo and thousands of other activities.

The iPhone – technology at its finest! … or is it?

Sometimes we feel the iPhone is just way overrated. Like a once no-brainer task, all of a sudden requires the use of an iPhone … a crutch. You can’t just stick your arm out and flag down a cab … no, you need the “hail a taxi” app. You can’t just leave a tip in the 20% ballpark … no, you need a tip calculator app to figure out the gratuity down to the last penny. Laying out, catching some rays … no you can’t do that! You need a “suntan turn-over” app to notify you when the optimal turn-time arrives … WTF.

I guess the geeks are to blame. After all, they develop and publish apps … it’s their ideas. And of course geeks are totally over the top when it comes to being analytical. Never once did we worry about our pizza costing more per square foot than the carpet at KRAPPS World Headquarters. Never once did we worry if that 19-inch pizza is a better value than the 16-inch. But now we do, thanks to the Amazing Pizza Calculator app … damn you geeks!



And the price of pizza is not the only thing geeks are ruining … it’s even how you cut it. You simply cannot eyeball slicing your pizza into evenly-sized portions. No … that would be uncivilized. You now need the aid of augmented reality technology when cutting your pizza, the Reality Slice app.


Reality-slice-1  reality-slice-2

Hey, nothing against augmented reality, it technology rocks … but come on, pizza?!? Just slice the damn thing and eat it – no fuss, no muss. Too much technology is melting our brains … the iPhone has become a crutch. Pretty soon we won’t even be able to wipe our ass without the iPhone. Oh wait, is that what they meant – “having an iPhone has completely changed the way I poop”? There’s an app for that? Don’t even think about it geek!

Drunken Girls – Another Proud App Store Moment

This next application has us at a total loss for words. So rather than making you read through 400 words of clever editorial ramblings, we’ll just shut up and leave you with Drunken Girls (sorry, there really is an app for that).


Drunken-Girls-1  Drunken-Girls-2

Drunken-Girls-3  Drunken-Girls-4

Honestly, we expected a bit more titillation from this app … not a bunch of comatose girls who look like they’re about to puke. Damn there are some sick fetishes out there!

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